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~ Welcome to Brainwaves, the official newsletter of We had a such a great response to
our first campaign sent last month, so we've decided to
make this a bi-monthly newsletter. Thanks for
participating and remember, we welcome all
questions and comments! ~


* Women's History Month
* State Reports & More
* Starving Students... Here's Your Meal Ticket!
* St. Patty's Day Is On The Way!
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Women's History Month

Every March, Women's History Month is
a time period where achievements of great women and
the struggles of the average woman are highlighted and
celebrated. In our special section devoted entirely to
this commemoration, you will find an article on the
history of this important event, a Timeline of
Achievements, a Quiz, Links to Learning, a Word
Search, a Jumble Puzzle, and Profiles of Five Great
American Women.

Come explore the lives of Susan B. Anthony, Jackie
Joyner-Kersee, Emily Dickinson, Harriet Tubman, and
Abigail Adams in these unique biographical accounts.
Over 150 years of work has been spent creating equality
and recognition for women. Don't you think it's worth
10 minutes of reading to learn more?

email address:

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State Reports & More
Help your students to help themselves! To avoid the
information overload that occurs when most students
search online for State Report resources, refer them to
us! We have links to state books, famous people,
history & statistics, maps, official state sites, photos &
media, quick facts, state symbols, and tourism
resources. We even have extra report goodies like
printable worksheets with symbols and maps, puzzles,
clip-art, and study aids such as 'How to Format Your

As if all of that weren't enough, we've recently added
two new catagories! Now there's an easy way for
students to locate those impossible-to-find agricultural
statistics. In conjunction with the U.S. Department of
Agriculture, we've created graphs of each state's top
commodities, exports, and producing counties. The
search ends here!

Also, not to be outdone by the students, we've made
sure to include a brand new benefit for our Parent &
Teacher members. Our TRAVEL SAVE COUPONS will
more than cover our membership price with an
abundance of state-by-state offers. This is especially
handy if you are planning a summer vacation, as you
can print out your coupons right here! Start planning
your adventure today and save.

State Reports & More...

Starving Students... Here's Your Meal Ticket!
Actually it's hard for everyone not to love a half-priced
meal. We've discovered a way for you to pay only
$12.50 for a $25 gift certificate to today's hottest
restaurants. Print out these cool certificates for instant
savings on that special lunch or dinner date!

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St. Patty's Day Is On The Way!
If you've never been to the Monthly Grab Bag section of
our site, here's your chance! Read all about the elusive
historical figure from Ireland named Saint Patrick, get
the scoop on why we celebrate this holiday, and print
out a cool Leprechan Coloring Page while you're here.

March also means... Academy Awards! Get the details
of the 75th Annual Academy Awards, read 'A History of
the Oscar', or take our challenging Oscar Quiz. Who will
take the cake at this year's gala?

Be sure to stop by the rest of the months to see what
fun activities we have in store for you, as well as the
Movies in the Classroom section for the lastest lesson

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