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Brainwaves May 2003
By ClassBrain Staff
May 25, 2003, 10:35

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Monthly Grab Bag

May is the month of "M's" with holidays
such as Mother's Day, Memorial Day, and May Day. Stop
by the Monthly Grab Bag and check out our newly
designed calendar of holidays. Click on "May" and you'll
be taken to an article on May Day, The Displacement of
Labor Day. Find out what happened in May of 1886 and
the true story of the Haymarket Riot.

Also in the May category, Meriwether
Lewis and William Clark, along with the Corps of
Discovery launched an expedition to discover a
waterway across the entire continent on May 14, 1804.
Read the entire story of this famous expedition or get
the basic who, when, where, and why of what
really happened. Find out how this duo left their mark,
access additional learning links, or take the expedition
quiz to see how much you know about this
historic event.

Mother's Day is just around the corner
so read up on where this tradition came from and link to
some really cool printables and e-cards for Mom. Also,
Memorial Day is May 26 this year, and aside from our
article about the history of this day, we have some
really cool activities such as word search and word
jumble puzzles.

email address:

Celebrate the month of May and every
other holiday with articles and activities from

Visit the Monthly Grab Bag Now...

Movies in the Classroom

Announcing our newest set of Lesson Plans for today's
most talked about movies . . . The Pianist has
made its way onto our site. Chock-full of resources, our
latest lessons include sheet music and sountracks for
students of sound, a vocabulary list and teacher
resources for instructors, and "Film Facts" and useful
websites for students. Explore issues on censorship and
critical thinking lessons on human behavior and basic
moral issues. Topics include prejudice, indifference,
greed, obedience, decision-making, responsibility, and
peer pressure.

Find out more about this lesson plan...

State Reports

Help your students to help themselves! To avoid the
information overload that occurs when most students
search online for State Report resources, refer them to
us! We have links to state books, famous people,
history & statistics, maps, official state sites, photos &
media, quick facts, state symbols, and tourism
resources. We even have extra report goodies like
printable worksheets with symbols and maps, puzzles,
clip-art, and study aids, such as 'How to Format Your
Bibliography.' We've recently added some cool posters
to each state section for extra pizzazz during class
presentations, or for decorating dorm rooms and
offices. Stop by and check them out!

State Reports & More...

Kids & Teens

ClassBrain has posted the latest U.S. and International
political cartoons in our Teens section. Each cartoon
has Student Discussion Questions listed below it to
expand the mind of today's students studying current
events. Cross a great political cartoon with stimulating
topics and resources and you get a super social studies
project courtesy of ClassBrain.

Also a new addition to the Teen section, learn the ABC's
of sign language! Roll your cursor over one of the
letters on the wheel created by our Graphic Hack, and
you're on your way to speaking with your hands. Click
on the printable version to study on your own time.
Have Fun!

NOTE:  Especially for our California student visitors,
ClassBrain has recently added several new resources to
help with that time-consuming Mission Report. You'll
find all the information you need, as well as floor plans and links
to official Mission sites, including virtual tours! To
access this special section, simply click on "Mission
Reports" from the pull down menu on our front page.

For access to our Teen section, use the link below.

CB Teens...

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