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Weekly Newsletter - October 11
By Sarah Lane
Oct 11, 2002, 11:33


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ClassBrain Kids

How do kids learn how to make breakfast, tie shoes, or make a funny face? By visiting the visually navigated ‘How To’ section of CB’s Pre-K and K resources of course!

Everyone knows that kids learn by having fun, so introduce a young mind to CB’s 1st-3rd Grade section. Let them solve puzzles, play learning games, color, or send an e-card to a friend.

In the mood for games? Brainy games, arcade games, strategy games, and a Grab Bag of unclassifiable games are all waiting for you to have a go at besting your computer at CB Games.

It’s all here in the ClassBrain Kids section!

Reports & Projects

Ever tried Pan Dulce? This Indian sweet bread is just one type of genuine Native American cuisine originating in New Mexico. Want to know more interesting tidbits about the 50 states? Visit the CB State Reports section.

There are over 40 different types of languages spoken in India! Find out what they are and learn more facts like these by exploring the CB Country Reports section.

What’s the latest news about Iraq and our nation’s government? The current news section in CB Freedom Files provides you with a variety of news sources.

It’s all part of the ClassBrain Reports & Projects section!

* This Newsletter has been generated by the members of to bring you supplemental tools and educational tips. Here are a few short cuts to specific areas of our site: - The ClassBrain ‘Movies in the Classroom’ section provides lesson plans that will encourage even the most restless students to pay attention and learn! - This link sends you to our Parent/Teacher section for supplemental teaching tools and articles on Money, Family Life, and School Matters. - Browse these articles for facts on the California Missions. Check back for a gallery of floor plans coming soon! - ClassBrain’s Monthly Grab Bag takes you on a ride through holidays, presidential birthdays, and important current events.

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