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Brainwaves Newsletter - October 25
By Sarah Lane
Oct 25, 2002, 11:38


Brainwaves: 360° of Education - October 25, 2002


Is it Halloween already? Yes, and we’ve found the perfect way for kids to have some spine-tingling fun while exercising their imaginations. Enter ClassBrain’s Spooky Story Contest! To kick off our membership drive and introduce you to our Teen Section, we’re asking kids of all ages to choose from one of our five writing prompts to create a spooky story. We’ll pick the top ten entries and each winner will receive a free one year membership to ClassBrain and a goodie bag. The top three authors will also win a ClassBrain shirt from our new collection. Know someone who has a creepy brain that could really freak us out? Give this a try!

To enter, click here: ClassBrain’s Spooky Story Contest

Also, don’t forget to stop by ClassBrain’s special Halloween section! The ClassBrain staff wants to make sure you have fun during the holidays and Halloween is one of our favorites! We've carved up some of the fattest pumpkins we could find and posted pictures of them all lit up, so you could get some ideas of your own. We have coloring pages, games and puzzles, activity pages, and the history of Halloween. Visit Creepy Corner where you will find some ghost stories to freak out your friends. For the parents we have a Halloween Safety Links page and a Safety Tip Sheet. There’s also a Saftey Tip Sheet for Kids. So don't be afraid to click on whatever interests you. Happy Halloween from the staff of ClassBrain!

ClassBrain’s Halloween Section

* This Newsletter has been generated by the members of to bring you supplemental tools and educational tips. Here are a few short cuts to specific areas of our site: - Games, games and more games! If you make it through all 35, then try our new ‘Imaginamers’ that create character names for your fantasy stories. - The ClassBrain ‘Movies in the Classroom’ section provides lesson plans that will encourage even the most restless students to pay attention and learn! - In addition to traditional reference materials, introduce your kids to a better way to research the U.S.A. - An important addition to the ClassBrain website, the Freedom Files will help you find answers with current news resources, teaching tools, and recovery suggestions. - Our Country Report section holds facts, reference maps, guides to tourist sites, and detailed profiles for every country in the world!

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