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Halloween Preview - Oct 2006
By Cynthia KirkebyHalloween Preview, Oct 2006, classbrain, ClassBrain newsletter, ClassBrain, newsletter, 2006, October, Halloween
Oct 15, 2006, 09:55

Halloween Preview from ClassBrain

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ClassBrain Halloween Newsletter Things that go bump in the night
October 2006

Dear Cynthia,

We're starting into October, the month of Halloween, when spooky things go bump in the night and around the classroom. We have some great projects for kids, fun games, and lots of costumes to make sure you haunt the neighborhood in style. Please keep in mind that some costumes sell out, so order early. We've tried to pick some of the top-selling costumes, as well as some perennial favorites to give you a great selection.

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  • Spooky Games for October
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  • Spooky Games for October

    We have some great Halloween games. My personal favorite is the Dancing Skeleton, which isn't technically a game; it is more of an experiment in movement. If you are familiar with SodaPlay, it's basically SodaPlay with a skeleton. Experiment with how it moves, move the anchor points, and then try it again. It's so cool!

    Hallowman is a Halloween hangman game, where you lose a pumpkin each time you miss a letter. Solve the word before your pumpkin patch disappears.

    The Pumpkin Patch Blast game may drive you a little crazy as you try clicking on the pumpkins before they blow-up. Also, don't forget to click on the mice, before they run away with your pumpkins. See how well you guard your pumpkin patch.

    We have some other games for Halloween, but the last one I'll tell you about is The Creepy Halloween Crossword Puzzle. Have fun with this pun-filled game. There's more than one, so solve the first one, and see how you do on the next set of puns.

    Goodies for Your Classroom

    We have all sorts of activity pages to use in your classroom or at home. There are two ways to design your own pumpkin. You can download the "Design a Jack-O-Lantern" and sketch in your own designs.

    The other option is "Carve A Virtual Pumpkin for Halloween" which is one of the coolest things we've seen in awhile. You can carve your own virtual pumpkin, light it, and send it as a postcard or print it out. If you print it, it does a nice black background which is a perfect backdrop for a poem or story that can be pasted on top of it.

    Note: if you look ahead in the Christmas section, we have a Decorate Your Own Gingerbread Cookie too! Our thanks to Theoworlds for letting us use both of these great projects.

    There are lots of other great activity and coloring pages at ClassBrain to use for Halloween. Be sure to check them all out.

    Buy Your Costumes Through ClassBrain

    Now that we're into October, don't wait too long to pick out your Halloween costumes. We have wonderful costumes for you to choose from, and each costume that you buy through our site helps us to expand our materials on ClassBrain. There are costumes for couples, infants, kids, groups, and pets, so have fun with all the cool costumes.

    Whether you need costumes for a couples' Halloween ball, costumes for your little princesses, Star Wars, Harry Potter, or Lord of the Rings, you'll find the best costumes at ClassBrain.

    Safety First ...

    Welcome to ClassBrain's Halloween section. Before you get into the fun and games in our Halloween section, please download our safety sheets. We have one version for adults and another for kids, and if you need more information on safety you can check out our Halloween Safety Learning Links page.

    We all wish you and yours a happy and safe Halloween!

    Halloween Safety...
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