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State Report Section Update - Nov 2006
By Cynthia Kirkeby
Nov 11, 2006, 09:53

Learn about the maps and resources we've added to the State Reports Section in the past few weeks in ClassBrain's Nov 2006 newsletter.

State Report Update

ClassBrain, Inc. Newsletter State Report Update
November 2006

Welcome to a quick update on ClassBrain's State Report section. Since many of you may be working on your state report projects over the holiday, I thought I let you know about some of the new things I've put up over the past couple of weeks. Hopefully, this will make your Thanksgiving holiday a bit more fun.

in this issue
  • State Quarter and State Stamp Worksheets
  • State Songs
  • New State Maps
  • Natural Resources and More

  • State Songs

    You will see more state songs have been posted to ClassBrain. Most of the state song pages have the lyrics, as well as an audio file so that you can hear the melody. Amazingly some of the states have three or four official state songs of varying types! Nora Kirkeby has been scrambling to track them all down for you, and she's doing a great job. As an example, we've linked you to one of Oklahoma's many state songs below.

    New State Maps

    In each state section under States Bordering... you will now find a new map showing the bordering states. These are available for all 50 states.

    We have also created new maps stores for all of the states with the help of All of the states have digital maps stores up, and we're now working on stores that feature wall maps, atlases, and travel maps.

    Finally, we also added some new products maps. (Yes, we know these are like gold.) These are some of the most difficult maps to find and/or create. We'll continue to seek them out for you, so if your state doesn't have one yet, hang in there, we're still working on finding them.

    Natural Resources and More

    We've been adding pages on the natural resources of some of the states. We're finding materials on animals, plants, water, soil, parks, and more. Stay tuned for more of these.

    There are other surprises sprinkled throughout our State Reports Section so look around and see what you find.

    Finally, we've added a new category in State Reports for US Territories, including American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. Although these areas have not yet gained the status of statehood, we've decided to include them, since every state was a territory prior to being admitted to the union.

    State Quarter and State Stamp Worksheets

    The states that have released their state quarters, now have worksheets online at ClassBrain. One of the worksheets we have created has a large black and white image of the state quarter that you can color, and a history of the images chosen by its state. The second worksheet has a smaller image of the official state quarter design, a description of its images, and a place for you to create your own design.

    A few years ago the US Postal Service issued a collection of stamps that honored each of the fifty states. The USPS also made a coloring book that created coloring pages out of each of the stamps. Those pages are available separately, so you can print and color your state stamp, and add it to your state report or your state report display. Have fun and download one or more of these special ClassBrain worksheet today.

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