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Thailand - Learning Links
By Cynthia Kirkeby
Dec 2, 2002, 10:01pm

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Thailand additional links

Thailand - Learning Links

The Thai Monarchy

Palaces of the King
This is the world’s first Virtual Palace on the Internet. Explore the Grand Palace and the Chapel Royal of the Emerald Buddha, Vimanmek Palace (the world’s largest teakwood mansion), and the Bang Pa-in Palace.
This is not to be missed! It is an exquisitely prepared journey through the king’s palaces.
Source: Bureau of the Royal Household, Thailand

Thai Modern Monarchy - The institution of monarchy in Thailand
Learn all about what it means to be king in Thailand. What are the duties of the royal family? Who is the Princess Mother? Where does the royal family live?
Source: Assumption University of Thailand

The History of Thailand

Thailand - The Land of Smiles
This is a history of Thailand from the Nanchao Period (650-1250 A.D.) to the Rattanakosin Period (1782 - the Present). A short but well-written account of Thailand’s past.
Source: Amazing Thailand

The History of Thailand - A History of Thailand and the Thai People
Read short, informative pieces on the country of Thailand and it’s major cities, including:

Sukhothai - The Ancient Capital of Thailand
Get a brief glimpse of this ancient capital through this short pictorial.
Be sure to read the history of Sukhothai on the main page above.

Ayutthaya - The Second Capital of Thailand
View this beautiful island capital in this gorgeous pictorial.
The written history is on the main page listed above.

Chiang Mai - The Ancient Capital of Lanna
A simple pictorial overview of this mountain city, gives a good sense of
the people that live here.
Source: Escanti

The Thai Language

Learning Thai the Easy Way
Everything from the alphabet to interactive audio files help you to learn this fascinating language. This is an excellent language site!
Source: Learning Thai

Learn the history of Thai, one of the oldest languages in Southeast Asia. Then learn to speak a few key words, such as please, thank you, and hello.
Source: WebWright Asia Co Ltd.

Thai Food & Drink

Amazing Thailand- Thai Food
These recipes feature some of the most popular Thai dishes. Beautiful photos and clear instructions will have you cooking like a native Thai in no time.
Source: Amazing Thailand

Food & Drink
Read a brief description of Thai cuisine and learn how to order some of the more popular meals in Thai.
Source: WebWright Asia Co Ltd.

Festivals of Thailand

Festivals and Public Holidays
This month by month exploration of Thai holidays cross links to short descriptions of places of interest.
Source: WebWright Asia Co Ltd.

Festivals and Ceremonies
Learn about Thailand’s New Year Celebration, Songkran, the “Sart” Festival, and the beautiful Loy Krathong - Festival of Lights. There is also a holiday overview of the entire year at the bottom of the page.
Source: Sawadee Internet Service

Maps, Geography, & Photos

Map Room & Photo Library
This includes maps of Southeast Asia, Thailand, Northern Thailand, and Trade Routes.
Source: Track of the Tiger

Geography, Location & Climate
Learn about Thailand’s geography and history. Thailand lays inside the infamous golden triangle. Learn what this means.
Source: InterKnowledge Corp.

Photos - Southeast Asia - Thailand
These exquisite black and white photos by Rolfe Horn show the beautiful shapes and images of this beautiful country.
Source: f45

My Photo Gallery - Southeast Asia
These photos of people and places in Thailand were taken Stefano.
Source: Backpacker

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Thailand - Learning Links
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