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Last Updated: May 29th, 2012 - 03:07:02 

Around the House  

Frugal Family Tips
By Alyssa Miller
Jan 27, 2009, 04:37

Whether it’s your day to carpool, pick up groceries, pay the bills or call your college kid studying abroad, thinking about pocket change rarely makes the “TO DO LIST”.

Here are the top “TIPS” that will payoff big for you and will keep your family safe, connected, and even bring extra abundance so that you’ll have money saved to splurge on that much needed family vacation...and how to save money on that as well!

TIP #1: Use your Costco, Sam’s Club or other bargain store membership and create family outings at home. Purchase snacks in bulk, and do movie night in your living room. And while you’re at the store, purchase other bulk items you use regularly to cut down on expenses (toilet paper, plastic bags, snacks for lunches etc.).

Tip #2: Don’t blink when you open your monthly bills! Reduce every one of your utility bills by 10%. Automatically save 3% on your energy bill by lowering your thermostat by one degree. You’ll never notice the difference in your house, but you will notice the difference on your bill. Change your calling plan or get rid of your landline unless it’s a must have.

Tip #3: Purchase a Telestial ( Passport SIM card and unlocked GSM phone for your child studying abroad. Not only will you have the peace of mind knowing your child has access to a phone anytime, their calls won’t have international roaming rates associated with using an American cell overseas, which can range up to $5 per minute. In many popular study-abroad locations (Italy, Spain, France, Ireland, UK) incoming calls are free and outgoing calls start at $0.49 per minute.

Tip #4: Spend five minutes a day looking for online coupons. There are a bundle of sites out there that can save you lots on everyday purchases. Make a list of the stores you need to hit and use Google to look for coupons.

Tip #5: Play a money game. Whether you choose a quarter, a nickel or even a penny – put that spare change into the piggybank. You’ll have more money saved before you miss a dime.

Tip #6: When it comes time to get away for your vacation, there are ways to save then too. Vacation rental groups like (a partner of Orbitz) have thousands of properties at a fraction of the cost of hotels. Whether you stay at a spacious villa, ski chalet or cozy cabin with luxurious amenities such as hot tubs and fireplaces – these vacation rentals are perfect for family fun!

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