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The War in Iraq
Last Updated: Sep 19th, 2011 - 19:28:10


Teaching About War
By Sarah Lane
Aug 12, 2011, 2:09pm

Teaching About War

Classroom discussions about the situation in the Middle East can be hard to field. War is never a simple topic and it becomes even harder when trying to explain the intricacies of it to children. Students have endless questions, but to save you from becoming overwhelmed, we put together a list of current web resources for teachers. Learn the best ways to talk to children about war, terrorism, homeland security issues, and more by following these links.

Teaching About the War
Rethinking Schools believes that schools are the place in this society where children from a variety of backgrounds can come together and learn to talk, play, and work together. They present this collection of articles and resources for classroom teachers which focus specifically on the situation between Iraq and the United States.
Source:       Rethinking Schools

War with Iraq Teaching Sources
Teaching and talking about any war can be difficult. The resources listed below are designed to make your job as an educator easier. They will take you to U.S. and international pro and con sites. They can be used to teach perspective and in-depth understanding. As with any online source, do your own evaluation and understand the possible bias of any site.

Restoring Hope in the Wake of Terrorism
This site focuses on giving advice for parents and teachers, building tolerance in families and communities, understanding Islam, and assistance in giving and receiving.
Source:       University of Minnesota Extension Service

Resources for Teaching About the War
In this list of resources you’ll find articles on a time of resilience during war, extensive links to lesson plans dealing with the war, and links to several groups that have assembled instructional materials for the war in Iraq.
      British Columbia Teachers’ Federation

A Glossary for Our Changing World
This resource has definitions of people, places, agencies, technology, jargon, and clichés. Topics include terrorism, war, geopolitics, religion, homeland security, and disaster recovery. You’ll also find alternative spellings of some Arabic and other non-English words.
Source:       NewsLab, Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism
via the WayBack Machine

Children's Peace Bibliography
This list of children's books about global and personal peace, war, interpersonal relationships, and friendship includes fiction and non-fiction. Each title has a short
description and a recommended age range. It includes books for pre-school through junior high school.
Source:       Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse
Institute for Media, Peace and Security: Resource Center
This site aims to educate people in the many ways the media interacts with issues of war and peace. Annotated link lists give you access to over 2000 sites, books, and articles. There are also links for media, education, peace and conflict resolution, country profiles, regional conflicts, and news groups.
Source:       University for Peace

Iraq: Concern and Compassion in a Time of War
These are contacts for learning about humanitarian relief efforts in the Middle East and volunteering or making donations.
Source:       Network for Good

Time for Kids
Time for Kids is an Internet news magazine for kids with resources for teachers as well. It has up-to-date news on Iraq, and teachers and educators will find complete resources for K-1, 2-3, and 4-6 with a PDF teacher's guide, printable resources and the magazine online. There is also a useful resource for parents on how to deal with their child's fear of war and terrorism.
Source:       Time for Kids

Teaching the Iraq War
Here you’ll find daily lesson plans for the war in Iraq that match national standards. Themes include How We Got Here: Lead-up to War, Dealing with Anxiety, Ethnic Makeup of Iraq: Kurds, Shiites and Sunnis, Military Strategy: Powell Doctrine, Media Coverage of War, and Ethnics of Embedded Journalism.
Source:       PBS Newshour

For the People and the Press
This is an interesting site as it provides survey reports, commentary, and data sets on today’s relevent issues. Check out the global attitude reports as well.
Source:       The Pew Research Center

Recommended Films

Hate across America VHS

Hate across America VHS

From the KKK to the more savvy and subtle groups active today, this is a comprehensive look at hate crimes in America.

The War Against Al Qaeda DVD

The War Against Al Qaeda DVD

Go to the front lines of the battle against terrorism and hear from the officials leading the charge.

Two Young Americans: The Patriot And The Taliban VHS

Two Young Americans: The Patriot And The Taliban VHS

Follow the paths that led two young men to meet as adversaries in an Afghan prison.

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