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The War in Iraq
Last Updated: Sep 19th, 2011 - 19:28:10


News Sites For The War In Iraq - Kids
By Sarah Lane
Aug 12, 2011, 2:14pm

News Sites For The War In Iraq - Kids

Students all over the country are just as interested in what’s going on in today’s world as their parents. These are some of the best resources around for kids of all ages to get an idea of what’s really happening overseas. There are articles, activities, answer and question sessions, interactive maps, and lots more to explore by following the links below.

Time for Kids

Time for Kids is an Internet news magazine for kids, with resources for teachers as well. It has up-to-date news on Iraq, and teachers and educators will find complete resources for K-1, 2-3, and 4-6 with a PDF teacher's guide, printable resources and the magazine online. There is also a useful resource for parents on how to deal with their child's fear of war and terrorism.
Source:       Time for Kids

Newsround from the BBC has a question and answer section that gives concise answers on why both the United States and England have chosen to fight. Visit the Iraq crisis special section and learn about how the war is being reported.
Source:       Newsround

Special Coverage - The War in Iraq
Channel One gives students an interactive map and a question and answer page about the war. This news site for teens is also an invaluable resource for current
events. There are quizzes, contests, a student exchange section, and feature stories. Get the latest new headlines, see photos of the troops, and even email them!
Source:       Channel One

Visit “A Newshour with Jim Lehrer Special for Students” and get access to special articles and stories about the war in Iraq. Learn about embedded journalists, why people join the military, and about life in a Marine boot camp. Students can also evaluate America’s attitudes about warfare and the cost of human life.
Source:       PBS

America at War
Check out the latest news with On the Homefront, Life in Iraq, The Path to War, History of Conflict, The Country of Iraq, The Troubled Region, and The Activities Center. Also learn about kids in Afghanistan, the Crisis in the Holy Land, and Tension in South Asia.
Source:       Scholastic News

Student News
CNN always keep students updated on the latest information and current events. Learn about World Events, U.S. History, and more in relation to the events happening overseas with the war in Iraq.
Source:       CNN

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The War in Iraq
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