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Current News
Last Updated: Sep 19th, 2011 - 19:28:10


International News
By ClassBrain Staff
Aug 13, 2011, 2:08pm

International Information

The Response to Terrorism section features current news articles, publications, photo galleries, and a file of Patterns of Global Terrorism.  Explore Homeland Defense, Military Action, economic issues and the Anti-Terrorism Coalition.  Many supplemental resources are available.  If you enter the section titles N.Y. 3 Months After, you will find pictures of several different pieces of World Trade Center Memorials.  Letters, photos, keepsake items, and flags adorn chapels, New York’s Penn Station, various Firehouses, and especially Ground Zero. The International Information Programs allow you to observe Washington close-up as well as the president.  Research U.S. policies, various regions, major issues in focus, and information and services.
U.S. Department of State

– Afghan Web Directory – A section has been devoted to terrorism as well as one concerning the rehabilitation of Afghanistan. There are post and pre war photos of the country.
Assistance Afghanistan Site – For Afghan news, information on how to help, resources, documents and reports from the Secretary General, check here. This site is dedicated to strengthening the response capacity of the Afghanistan Assistance Community.
Source:     United Nations FAO, ProMIS
Political Resources on the Net – The Islamic State of Afghanistan page has links to many political parties and associations represented online.
Source:     Agora telematica S.p.A.

Target Iraq: U.S. Plans for Major War
– Leaked to the New York Times, the plan calls for attacks on Iraq by U.S. air, land, and sea- based forces from the north, south, and west, in coordination with covert operations inside Iraq by the CIA and various Iraqi groups. As many as 250,000 U.S. troops could be involved. The goal: to overthrow the Iraqi government and install a pro-U.S. regime.
Source:     Znet, Inc.

Iranian Cultural & Information Center
– A page is devoted to a message concerning terrorism as well as links for ways to help.  There is also a list of media resources and publications related to Iran and their present situation.
Source:     The Science and Arts Foundation

Mainichi Daily News Interactive
Japanese News – For an international news site with top stories and special features this Daily News source is complete.
The photo journal has collections titled retaliatory strikes and terrorist attacks.
Source:     The Mainichi Newspapers Company

Islamic Republic Of Pakistan
– This official website contains a country profile, government background and Kashmir news.
A special part is devoted to the Terrorist Attack on America with tons of news articles and press releases.
Source:     Internet Wing Ministry of Information, Government of Pakistan.

America Strikes Back
– Strait Times Interactive – This Asian news source has a variety of important headlines. The Interactive section titled U.S. Under Attack includes an animated account of the attack on the WTC as well as viewpoints, reactions and ‘the horror in pictures’.
The Timeline section is definitely worth looking at as well as the maps and photo gallery.
Source:     Singapore Press Holdings

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