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Last Updated: Sep 19th, 2011 - 19:28:10


Feel Better Through Creative Projects
By ClassBrain Staff
Feb 25, 2011, 7:47pm

Feel Better Through Creative Projects

It seems as though everywhere we go now, people are talking about what happened on September 11th. Sometimes we hear too much information and it is hard to tell what is true and what is not. It’s okay to feel mixed up, because you are not the only one feeling this way.

Creative projects can help you feel better. You can draw pictures, write poetry, tell stories, write letters to rescue workers and also write letters about your feelings. Another good way to feel better about what is happening is to talk to your parents, friends and teachers. They are there to help you and to answer your questions as best they can. You can also visit the web sites below for examples of what other kids are doing.

Submit A Story to ClassBrain's September 11th Archive. - Where were you or your parents on September 11th. Please add your story or a story about someone you love to our special 9-11-2001 story archive.
Source: ClassBrain

Giggle Poetry - A funny site devoted to poetry for and from small children. Guaranteed to lighten the darkest mood.
Source: Giggle Poetry

September 11th dedication poems - is devoting an entire section of their site to poems written about Sept. 11th. You can read or submit your own. Over 12,000 poems have been posted. (Jr. High School and above)

Kids Around the Nation Express their Emotions -
By taking a ride on the ‘Emotion Express’, kids are learning more about their feelings and how they change the way people act. These activities give children a way to express their anger, fear, loneliness, guilt, hurt and grief in a positive way.
Source: Kids News

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