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Last Updated: Sep 16th, 2002 - 09:47:44


How and Why
By ClassBrain Staff
Aug 12, 2002, 11:01am

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how and why

Facts, Answers and How Things Work
Topics include terrorism as a whole, biological & chemical warfare, Osama bin Laden and many more.  Be sure to check out the Kids’ Section to find resources that have been created especially to help your children understand the complexities of today’s world.

The Big Picture
Attack on the U.S., What Happened? – For descriptions of what happened on September 11th, maps of the attacks, recovery, investigation and retaliation information as well as corresponding lesson plans, check this special report.
Source:     MSNBC

America Under Attack
– View 35 pictures related to the attack in this graphics gallery including The Search for Black Boxes, Where was Bush? and the reopening and rebuilding process.
Source:     The Nando Times

War Against Terror – With this detailed section from CNN, you can view the picture gallery illustrating The White House Reaction, WTC Destruction, The Pentagon Crash Site, an Interactive explanation of attacks with 3-D animation, a refugee map, a 3-D damage report from the city of New York and a list of Biological/Chemical weapons by country.
War on TerrorismConcerns about war center around these immediate regions overseas. Gather printable information or view photos from the galleries on the countries of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, India, Saudi Arabia and the ex-Soviet republics.      
Source:     Sun-Sentinel
Targeting the Details
Attack on the Pentagon - Track the events that occurred during the attack on the Pentagon using interactive graphics.
Source:     Sun-Sentinel

World Trade Center Attack
- Watch this animated account of how two commercial airliners were used to destroy the World Trade Center.
Source:     Sun-Sentinel
WTC Collapse - Immediately after the twin towers of the World Trade Center were struck, it looked as though the buildings might remain standing. What happened to make these incredible towers fall?
Source:     How Stuff Works
Taking Stock in the Aftermath
Terrorism  - The United States of America is at war, but the enemy is not as clearly defined as we would like. How is the war against terrorism different than a standard enemy?
Source:     How Stuff Works         
Biological & Chemical Warfare - For the First time, biological and chemical warfare has become a real threat within the United States. This primer answers some of the basic questions that you may have.
Source:     How Stuff Works
Osama bin Laden - This terrorist is now listed the #1 most wanted individual on the FBI list. This series of articles give you a quick overview of Osama and his history of violence.
Source:     How Stuff Works

Air Analysis
Black BoxesWhat can those mysterious black boxes tell you about the events that lead up to a crash?              
Source:     How Stuff Works
Airport Security – New Airline security measures have recently been put into effect. View Part I and II examples here as well as maps showing strike targets, facts on warplanes, flag etiquette and possible suspects and targets.
Source:     Sun-Sentinel
Tracking the Flights – Track the flight paths of the four airliners used during the terrorist attacks with these graphics.
Source:     Sun-Sentinel

Weapons of War
Cruise MissilesA popular topic of discussion is the cruise missiles being used overseas. Here you will find descriptions, dimensions and graphics of this powerful weapon.
Source:     How Stuff Works
Laser Guided Missiles - For a step-by-step animated account of the bomb and how it works, look into these detailed and informative graphics.
Source:     Sun-Sentinel
Inside the TomahawkThe tomahawk missile has many separate parts. Learn how it is used, its history and how each part of the weapon functions.
Source:     Sun-Sentinel

Attacking Bunkers – Learn about one of the largest laser guided bombs in the U.S. arsenal and see a step-by-step process of it in action or an animated clip.

Prophetic Proposal
Nostradamus -   When a momentous catastrophe occurs, people react in a variety of ways. One response is to seek out prophecies of the event. One name pops up more than any other under these situations - Nostradamus
Source:     How Stuff Works

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