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Last Updated: Sep 19th, 2011 - 19:28:10


Donations and Charity Relief Funds
By ClassBrain Staff
Aug 14, 2011, 4:50pm

We’ve created a list of sites dedicated to collecting donations and relief funds. The following is a list of organizations and links for those looking for a way to help.   

  • National Organizations
  • New York City Organizations
  • Washington D.C. Organizations
  • Police and Fire Fighter Funds
  • Employee & Family Funds

National Organizations

American Red Cross – Find out how to give money, blood, tissue or your time to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. Your donations will benefit September 11th victims directly.
Source:     The American National Red Cross
National Organization for Victim Assistance – Visit this NOVA site for information on the organization, how to donate financial aid and literature about how your donations will be spent.
Source:     National Organization for Victim Assistance

New York City Organizations
Volunteers of America: Greater New York – Learn ways you can donate plus read about who the VOA is, what they do for people and what services and programs they provide.
Source:     Volunteers of America

September 11th Fund – Find out how the world is responding to the events of September 11th and how your continued support is helping as well.
Source:     The United Way of New York City

Washington D.C. Organizations
Pentagon Assistance Fund– The Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society has established this Fund to provide financial assistance to the families of Navy personnel killed during the terrorist attacks.
Source:     Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society

September 11th Children’s Fund
- Beginning with a gift of $250,000 from the Hasbro Children’s Foundation, this fund was created to promote the long-term well being of children and families, and to help them obtain necessary services.
Source:     Hasbro, Inc.

Police and Fire Fighter Funds
World Trade Center Police Fund – The New York State Fraternal order of Police Foundation create this fund to ease the financial burden of the officers who suffered injuries and families of those who gave their lives helping others.
Source:     NYSFOP-Foundation

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