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9-11-2002 One Year Later...
Last Updated: Sep 19th, 2011 - 19:28:10


National Moment of Remembrance
By National Moment of Remembrance
Aug 12, 2011, 11:25am

National Moment of Remembrance


The National Moment of Remembrance was established by Congress. This website reviews some of the ways we can remember those that were lost on September 11, 2001, and how to heal our nation and ourselves. Check out theWays to Remember  These include: prayers, secular remembrance ideas, and a 3-minute script that can be used at local ceremonies (see below).


Another section that has some amazing information for those investigating the history of our country is the History of Sacrifice.  This area of the site has information on the causalities suffered in 59 wars and conflicts. Additionally, if you click on any of the wars listed on the top timeline bar, you will find a summary of the war and some interesting information on that particular time period in US history.



Stand with Courage

One Nation, One Spirit

September 11

A Moment of Remembrance



My fellow Americans, I am ____(name, title)____.  Welcome to the Stand With Courage remembrance sponsored by the __(name of organization)__ and the White House Commission on Remembrance.


We are a people of infinite spirit.  When Americans suffered a staggering blow one year ago today, we reached into the great reservoir of our natios soul to gather strength and resolve to move forward despite our fears.  Today, we gather to remember the victims, to honor those who exhibited great courage and renew our determination.

       We Stand With Courage united in our resolve to overcome the threat against our nation;

       We Stand With Courage united in our confidence that Americs people and leaders will persevere in defense of freedom and justice for all;

       We Stand With Courage united in our conviction that true freedom is worth the patrios price.




As we mourn the Americans who were targeted in hatred, we also remember the citizens of over 80 countries who were killed in the attacks and honor them as we do our own.  Please light your candles at this time.


Our candles represent not only the eternal light of remembrance, but also the flame of liberty and hope.  The President said America was targeted because it is thebrightest beacon for freedom and opportunity in the world   Americslight like that shining from the torch of the Statue of Liberty, is an invitation to the world to join us in our commitment toliberty and justice for all  One year after the attack, this light continues to shine in the hearts of Americans everywhere.  Across the country, Americans gather to demonstrate our unity and resolve as weStand With Courage


Now, with respect and honor, we remember:


     Those who died at the World Trade Center (Bell rings)

     Those who died at the Pentagon (Bell rings)

     Those who died on United Flight 93 in Pennsylvania (Bell rings)


In conclusion to this Moment of Remembrance, please keep your candles lighted as we singGod Bless America  Remember to continue to let your light shine, displaying to all nations the unity and power of the American spirit, whicthough it may be challengecan never be extinguished.  Continue to show the world that we allStand With Courage




Courtesy of the National Moment of Remembrance


© Copyright 2011 by

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9-11-2002 One Year Later...
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