Sept. 11th, 2001
Checks & Balances
By Sarah Lane, ClassBrain Staffer
Jul 20, 2011, 12:04pm

Checks & Balances

Wouldn't you trade
to see skylines the same, to
look at yourself from a
plain point of view?  Who
listened to those screams
come whispering out?  Who
broke those hearts   bodies souls
where'd they all go?
Chaotic yet patriotic
lambs of humanity in a
sea of shining
metallic deceit.
Nations of angels now give aid,
funds for a mass-occurring
masochistic raid, thoughts are
mirrored all appalled,
predictions from lying lips do fall.
Which door opened for them all?
Do they wish they could
follow waves of mini flags,
watch TV until their minds went black,
save magazines for looking back?
It's so well-being-human,
only reaching for others
when they can't reach back.

Sarah Lane


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