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Support Our Troops
By Cynthia Kirkeby
Aug 20, 2011, 2:31pm

Support Our Troops

Let our soldiers know that you care. There are a number of special programs that are in place to help us show our appreciation to the soldiers that are laying their lives on the line for our country. Here are a few of the best ones:

Gifts from the Homefront
The postal service has been swamped with care packages from family members to the soldiers overseas. To relieve some of the burden of transporting these packages, the BX/PX Exchange stores created the “Gifts from the Homefront” certificate. So, send them a gift certificate that they can use to pick up something they need or want such as health and beauty items, soft drinks, candy, snack items, prepaid calling cards, music, DVD players and much more.
Purchase a certificate now for someone close to you.
Source: Army and Air Force Exchange Program

Let's Say Thanks
Send a free postcard to a soldier stationed overseas to show your support and appreciation. It's really easy and it will mean a lot to the guys.
Source: Let's Say Thanks

Operation Uplink
Donate a calling card so that military personnel can keep in touch with their loved ones. This organization has given out over 2,000,000 phone cards since 1996 - over 900,000 since November 2002!
Make a donation so that a soldier can contact his or her family today.
If you’re in the military, you can request a card here.
Source: Veterans of Foreign wars

Send A Virtual Thank You or Letter of Thanks
The America Supports You site allows you to add your name to the millions that have thanked the soldier overseas. It only takes a moment, it doesn’t cost a dime, but it means a lot to those far from home. Or if you want to do more, there are many ways to volunteer.
Source: U.S. Department of Defense

Jostens Armed Forces Rings

Fisher House
Fisher House makes it possible for military families to be near loved ones in their time of need. There are times when soldiers that have been wounded need to be treated far from home. This group allows them to have their families nearby while they are in the hospital. Fisher House has a number of ways that you can help out, so check their web site for the one that suits you best.
Source: Fisher House

Red Cross
You can, of course, always donate money or blood to the Red Cross. A donation to this organization helps to support such programs as: Disaster Relief Services, Family Emergency Services, Domestic Preparedness for Bioterrorism, Critical Lifesaving Services, and 24-hour military assistance

Make a donation to one of the military relief societies:

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