The War in Iraq
Bush Again Vows to Topple Saddam, as US General Predicts Longer War than Expected
By VOA News
Jul 20, 2011, 7:53pm

Conflict In Iraq
VOA News
28 Mar 2003, 01:03 UTC

DoD photo by R.D. Ward President George W. Bush (left) and Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld walk from the Pentagon's National Military Command Center
President Bush says the United States and its allies will stay in Iraq as long as it takes to overthrow President Saddam Hussein and free the Iraqi people, but says he can not predict how long that will take.

Speaking Thursday, after eight days of war, Mr. Bush said allied forces in Iraq are making daily advances toward Baghdad, and that coalition military objectives are being met. Asked if the war could take months, Mr. Bush said "however long it takes to win."

In Iraq, the U.S. Army's senior ground commander, General William Wallace, told The Washington Post that unconventional tactics of enemy fighters have increased the likelihood of a longer war than U.S. planners had expected. He also said over-extended allied supply lines and stiffer-than-expected Iraqi resistance have stalled the U.S. drive toward Baghdad.

The general described Iraqi fighters as willing to launch suicide attacks against U.S. and British forces, and spoke of incidents in which Baghdad loyalists are forcing civilians to fight by threatening the safety of their families.

The newspaper says two key U.S. divisions have paused indefinitely on the road to Baghdad, while support troops seek to replenish the units with fresh supplies of water, ammunition and food.

Additional army units are reported heading for Iraq, including the Fourth Infantry Division and the Third Army Cavalry Regiment. But it is widely expected to take weeks before the reinforcements are ready to fight.

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