The War in Iraq
News Sites For The War in Iraq
By Sarah Lane
Aug 12, 2011, 2:01pm

News Sites For The War in Iraq

As responsible citizens, it is our duty to research current events by exploring a variety of news sources before forming concrete opinions. Take a look at these news sources for various reporting angles and complete coverage of the events of today and tomorrow in conjuntion with the war in Iraq. You will no doubt gain a better understanding of the world around you.

A Nation at War

The New York Times brings you complete coverage of the war in Iraq with related domestic and international news. Included is multimedia coverage, wire news, interactive graphics, maps, Gulf War archived articles, and lots more. This site requires a free, one-time registration and there is also a sign-up option for e-mail news alerts.
Source:       The New York Times

Today's Front Pages
This unique site provides online graphic reproductions of front pages from dozens of newspapers around the world. The pages are presented in their original language only and are posted daily by 9:30 a.m., Eastern Time. Browse in alphabetical order or search for pages geographically or alphabetically.
Source:       Newseum

After the War
Here you’ll find Iraq-related news updated daily including headlines, special reports, daily summaries, audio and video features, galleries and maps, key documents, Canada's perspective, and an impressive collection of links. You can also conduct a search for specific topics of interest.
Source:       Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

Country Profile: Iraq
This Profile of Iraq includes the latest news, demographic and economic facts, a historical overview, a timeline of key events, and information about Iraqi leaders and media. The site also contains key stories, news analysis, links, audio features, and the most recent live coverage.
Source:       British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Iraq - War on Terrorism
These librarian-selected and annotated links to Iraq-related websites are organized into topics such as country information, government reports and websites, maps, military sites, news-related sites and special news reports, non-governmental organizations, Saddam Hussein, sanctions, human rights and the anti-war movement, and United Nations and weapons-inspection sites.
Source:       The Special Libraries Association News Division

Online NewsHour: The Iraq War
This online version of PBS's NewsHour covers several aspects of the current situation in Iraq including The Military Campaign, The International Impact, The Home Front, The Humanitarian Situation, and The Road to War. It also includes key map and player sections, as well as an area for students and teachers.
Source:       CNN

UN News Centre
This new site from the United Nations is updated daily and provides an event calendar, UN statements, briefings, press releases, news conferences, and UN links. Also included are audio and video aids. Email news alerts are available with sign-up.
Source:       United Nations News Service

Warblogs:CC: One Source for War News
Here you’ll find a collection of blogs about the Iraq war "designed to provide you with a birds-eye view of Gulf War Redux, the American government and civil liberties issues in the United States." Also provided are newsfeeds from major sources such as the New York Times and the BBC.
Source:       Respective Authors

Great Iraq Conflict Coverage Gallery
These are annotated links to weblogs and diaries from embedded journalists and other Iraq-related weblogs. Also included are links for multimedia coverage, interactive graphics and stories, special war-related topics, and complete coverage pages of multiple news sites.
Source:       Jonathan Dube,
Iraq: Weapons of Mass Destruction
This is a discussion of Iraq and its weapons of mass destruction including chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons. This site features links to international and domestic reports. You can also explore the Middle East Peace Process.
Source:       Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Canada
Office of the Iraq Programme: Oil-for-Food
Here you’ll find information about the United Nations' Oil-for-Food program, as well as weekly updates, a chronology, oil export information, and UN resolutions and reports. Source:       UN Office of the Iraq Program
Timeline: Iraq
This brief chronology of key events covers Iraqi government and politics from 1922 to the present and includes topics such as political history, foreign relations, the Iran-Iraq War, oil, chemical weapons, Kuwait, Kurds, weapons inspectors, and United Nations resolutions.
Source:       British Broadcasting Corporation

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Guardians of the Gulf VHS

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Saddam's Secret Tunnels VHS

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