Sept. 11th, 2001
Maps of Afghanistan
By ClassBrain Staff
Jul 20, 2011, 6:41pm

We've assembled a collection of maps and info-graphics that we hope will help to clarify what has been happening within Afghanistan and the surrounding area.


Key Battle Grounds
Click on any of the map locations to see who’s in control of the area.  Then explore information on the Allied Forces, Aid Routes, and Refugee Movements in these other interactive maps that explain the conflict in Afghanistan.
Source: BBC

The War on Terrorism- A Region Overview
Explore how Afghanistan, Pakistan, the former Soviet Republics, Iraq, India, and Saudi Arabia are involved in the War on Terrorism.
Source: Sun-Sentinel
Understanding Afghanistan: Land in Crisis
Zoom in for more detail on this superb set of interactive maps, which allows you to explore cities, satellite views, ethnic views, and the drought that is affecting the region.
Source:     National Geographic
Afghanistan Military Maps
Excellent maps covering military facilities, Operation Enduring Freedom, regional and humanitarian overviews are available on this site. This first set shows the evolution of the areas of Afghanistan controlled by the opposition forces and the Taliban.  The ability to see the area as it changes over time in these maps is extremely helpful.
Source:      Global Security
Afghanistan’s Civil War
The Taliban and the Northern Alliance has battled over the control of this country.  Their positions are shown on this map of the war.
Source:     CNN
Afghanistan Relief Maps
This extensive set of maps covers relief efforts in Afghanistan from 1995 to the present.
Source:     Relief Web
Afghanistan Maps
This collection of maps covers standard 2-D maps, 3-D maps, topography, transportation routes, as well as a historical view of the region.
Source:     Afghana
Agricultural Map of Afghanistan
In Afghanistan, in former times, there existed a well-balanced ecological system.  In the past ten years, this balance has been all but destroyed. See the results of this devastated region.
Source:      GRID - Arendal
Pakistan-Afghanistan Refugee Camp Locations
This PDF map shows where the primary refugee camps were as of March 2001.
Source:      GRID- Arendal
Afghanistan and the Surrounding Region
If detail is important than this PDF map of Afghanistan and the surrounding area is the correct map to use as reference.  The information was current as of September 18th, 2001.
Source:     UNHCR
Detailed Color Map of Afghanistan
Choose Afghanistan from the pull-down menu under general maps for a very detailed PDF map showing cities, boundaries, railroads, and airports.
Source:     The United Nations
Afghanistan & Pakistan
Cities large and small are detailed on this combined map of Afghanistan and Pakistan.  If you’re serious about finding the location of the smaller cities in the news, this is a good place to start.
Source:     World Sites Atlas
Destination Afghanistan
This detailed map of Afghanistan allows you to click and switch over to an informational treasure trove on Afghanistan’s history, culture, environment, and statistics.
Source:     Lonely Planet
Topographical Map of Afghanistan
This map shows the topographical layout of Afghanistan and gives you some quick facts and figures on the country and its population.
Color Map of Afghanistan
This is a basic color map that shows the major cities and airport.
Source:     World Travel Guide
Color Atlas Map of Afghanistan
A country flag and some basic statistical information accompany this basic color map of Afghanistan on the country.
This map is also available in Spanish.
Source:     Holt, Rinehart, and Winston
Statistical Profiles of Least Developed Countries - Afghanistan
We’ve assembled the following map to help you get an idea where Afghanistan is located, what is happening in the region, and how other countries are affected. This PDF file has a small map that shows Afghanistan in relationship to its surrounding neighbors. This particular file also has a great deal of statistical information on Afghanistan and its economy for 2001.
Source:     The United Nations
War in Afghanistan: Soviet Phase 1979-1989
This is not the first time that Afghanistan has been torn by war. Explore the historical Afghanistan in these political and military maps of the region.
Source:     Matthew White
Afghanistan Maps
The premier collection of maps on Afghanistan, and the rest of the world, resides at the University of Texas.  To find more information on Afghanistan explore this extensive collection of links.
Source:     Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection

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