Coping With Tragedy Through Creativity
By ClassBrain Staff
Aug 14, 2011, 3:46pm

Helping Kids Deal with Tragedy, Grief, and Fears
One of the most important issues facing the nation in the aftermath of the September 11th   terrorist attacks is helping our children cope.  It is understandably difficult to help them, when we as adults cannot even grasp the enormity of the tragedy. How do we help our young children as wre trying to help ourselves? 
Several important suggestions and plenty of sound advice is available for those concerned.  Through creative outlets such as drawing pictures, writing poetry, telling stories, writing letters to rescue workers and writing letters about feelings, we can help children face the issues of todas world. Most importantly, through these projects, kids are encouraged to voice their fears to parents, friends and teachers as a way to alleviate them. 
The sites below are just a sample of the myriad of available resources designed to ease the delicate task of restoring a feeling of security in our childres lives.
Giggle Poetry - A funny site devoted to poetry for and from small children. Guaranteed to lighten the darkest mood!
Source:     Giggle Poetry

The United Way of America- Many pages are devoted to coping with tragedy but especially relevant here is the Family Activitie sectionAge Appropriate Response and a list of further links for help. 
Source:     The United Way

Kids Making a DifferenceSource:     Gigglepotz

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