9-11-2002 One Year Later...
America Remembers
Aug 12, 2011, 6:34pm

America Remembers

America Remembers



This special section created by CNN is a amazing archive of the fateful events of September 11th, 2001 and the year that has followed it.


Under September 11, 2001 there is an excellent interactive timeline that mixes audio from actual news broadcasts and images of the events.  There is an overall timeline that allows you to pick from such topics as: Flight 11, Flight 175, Towers Collapse, Ground Zero, and others.  Each of these items on the main timeline is linked to an in depth multimedia timeline of the actual event.  This is the best timeline that we have seen related to the events of September 11th.


The Faces of September 11 brings you stories of those that died in the various horrible events of the day, of those that survived the tumble of the twin towers, and of the amazing heroes that helped our citizens and our country survive a tragedy.


The Cleanup les you view the massive effort that was necessary to cleanup Ground Zero, and how the Pentagon was rebuilt in less than a year.  It also lets you voice your opinion of what you think should be built at this location.


Fighting Terror is a review of America at war against the possibilities of biological and chemical warfare and against the very real enemy hiding in Afghanistan.


The final section, A Changed World, explores some of the philosophical questions of has our government changed, has the nation changed, and have we gone too far with civil liberties.  It also takes a look at whether or not our cities are any more prepared today than we were a year ago.


ClassBrain would also like to applaud CNN for the way they handled September 11th, 2002 on their site.  They replaced all of their ads with a flame of remembrance for the day.  This was appreciated by all of our staff as we explored the latest news on the anniversary of the attack on America.  Thank you.

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