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Nostradamus: True or False
By ClassBrain Staff
Aug 14, 2011, 2:06pm

Before you read this article, take a quick quiz.
True or False:      A Nostradamus prophecy about the fall of “two brothers (meaning the World Trade Towers) predicts the imminent start of the World War III.
True or False:      A photograph captured a tourist posing on the observation deck of a World Trade Center tower, seconds before a hijacked airliner smashed into the building.
True or False:      A U.S. company banned its employees from displaying American flags.
True or False:      A man trapped at the 82nd story of a WTC tower rides the falling debris to safety.
If you answered the above questions in the order of False, False, True, False, you have a good sense of reality. 
During a crisis, people tend to elaborate and fabricate stories of prophecy, wonder, irony and hope.  Call it a distraction from the immediate psychological impact of such a horrific event or call it plain foolishness.  Regardless of your opinion these stories and hundreds more like them began to circulate among the American population shortly after the terrorist attacks. 
It became difficult to sort through the information overload we experienced as a result of our advanced state of technology and communication.  Not only did we have 24-hour news coverage, radio coverage and Internet coverage, but we also had continual conversations about the events with everyone we knew. 
When is enough really enough?  It’s when we start confusing reality with truth and begin lying to ourselves. One way to find out if the gossip you hear is true or not, is to visit the Urban Legends page via the internet.  It gives each rumor a rating and defines true from false.  So before you go out and tell someone to light a candle for a satellite photo, remember that it would be impossible for the light of candles to be seen that far away.  Check your sources!
Source: ClassBrain, Inc.
To find out if what you’ve been saying is true or false, look up
The AFU & Urban Legends Archive.  It contains topics such as medical, celebrities, animals, politics and movies as well as a search engine for a particular inquiry.
Another frequently visited site is the Urban Legends Reference Pages.  They have a special section devoted to ‘rumors of war’ and many other fun topics to explore.

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