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Organizing A Successful Fundraising Campaign
Apr 7, 2009 - 4:53:54 AM

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Plan your Campaign:

Set an objective:
Your group's objective should include a financial goal, as well as a tangible element. For example, your group might have a goal of raising $3,000 to pay for a new baseball diamond and equipment for your Little League team.

Set a deadline:
We recommend that your campaign run no more than two weeks. Keeping the campaign short will keep your participants motivated and on track.

Know your group:
It is important to know how many of your group members will be participating in the fundraiser, since it will help you organize a selling strategy. This will help determine the best geographic area to be covered by the participants, the best time to solicit donations, and the best type of fundraiser for your organization.

Motivate your group:
Whether or not your organization is sports-based, now is the time to become cheerleaders!  It is important to maintain close contact with the members of your group, and to motivate and encourage them. Being a positive role model for the group is also important, not only in terms of how much money you raise, but also in terms of how much time and effort you put into your fundraiser to make it a success.

Managing Your Campaign:

Delivery:  Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery, once your order is placed.

Money collection:  Members should collect money when they take the order. Also, when possible, it is easier for the campaign organizer to collect ONE check from each participant for the entire sum of money collected, rather than several checks.

Tallying and packing orders:  It is a good idea to solicit volunteers in advance to help with these tasks. Appoint a chairperson to oversee and coordinate these activities. The chairperson and each participant should ALWAYS check and double-check orders for errors.

Incentive Prizes:

Not all fundraising campaigns need additional incentives to motivate the participants. A baseball team that needs to raise $75 per player to be able to participate in a tournament already has their incentive established. Other fundraising groups, however, may need additional incentives.  Here are some ideas to help motivate your participants.

Individual completion prizes:  A cash prize, movie tickets, or other prize is awarded to everyone who sells a pre-determined minimum amount during the fundraiser.

Best-seller prizes:  The individual who raises the most money, or sells the most units is awarded a special prize.

Draw prizes:  Every participant who sells a pre-determined minimum amount is entered into a drawing for cash prizes or other merchandise.

Intangible prizes:   These are frequently the most effective incentives, and as a result, create the highest returns. For example, a sport's team might have the coaches play a game in a silly costume! Be creative! It can help make your fundraiser a true success.


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