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Healthy Fundraising
By Cynthia Kirkeby
Apr 11, 2009 - 10:42:26 AM

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A 2002 joint study by the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and SHPPS (School Health Policy & Programs Study) found that 82% of school included food and drink sales in their fundraising program.  Cookies, candy, cake, and pastries are often sold, but schools should keep in mind other alternative items, which may help their fundraisers be even more successful in today's more health-conscious world.  By including items such as fresh fruit baskets, popcorn and nuts, trail mix, and gourmet food baskets, schools may find higher earnings while keeping their donors in better shape.

Active fundraisers are also good for the body as well as the pocketbook.  Consider doing walk-a-thons, bike-a-thons, dance-a-thons, or even jump-rope-a-thons.  Golf tournaments are also a great fundraising idea, and think about running a concurrent miniature golf tournament for the kids.

One type of fundraiser that is often overlooked is a pet lover's fundraiser.  Do a dog-walk-a-thon.  Sell some pet items, such as books about pets (fiction and nonfiction), collars, leashes, tags, and toys to raise additional money.  Many local businesses would love to be a sponsor for this sort of fundraiser; helping to get the word out in the community and bringing in additional funds for your organization.

So, put the fun back in "fun"draising, and add a healthy component to your next fundraising event.

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