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Poetry Sites Additional Learning Links
By Sarah Lane
Apr 1, 2004, 15:37 PST

Learning Links - Poetry Resources

Learning Links - Poetry Resources


This is a collection of cool poetry sites from the web.  There are parent and teacher resources, poetry events for April, and specific sites devoted entirely to children's poetry. 


Help your child publish their work online, read poetry together, or even listen to poets read their own work to you.  There are an abundance of lesson plans available and even some contests to enter.  Expand your mind with creative writing!


Parent and Teacher Resources for Poetry


PBS Teacher Source - Poetry

Activities and lesson plans are broken down into two groups, grades 3-7 and 7-12.  Resources include sites, programs, a calendar of monthly themes, and archives.  For parents and teachers there are also lesson plans in Art, Literature, Health, Math, Early Childhood and more.

Source:              PBS


Daily Lesson Plan

Type 'Poetry' into the search box on this page for some really cool ideas for classroom activities.   Lesson plans incorporate subjects such as history, current events, language, economics, health and more.  Activities are also broken into grades 6-8, 9-12, and 6-12 for easy reference.

Source:              The New York Times & The Learning Network



This is a great educational site devoted to bringing you lesson plans from grades K-12, including "Can You Haiku" for grades 3-5, and "Play With Words" for grades K-2.  Check out the featured links for Modern American Poetry, the American Verse Project, and Victorian Women Writers Project.

Source:              EDSITEment, Inc.


Poetry Events for April


Young People's Poetry Week

During National Poetry Month there is a special "Young People's Poetry Week."  Sponsored by the Children's Book Council (CBC) and initiated in 1999, this program highlights poetry for children and young adults for the entire week.  It also encourages everyone to read poetry, enjoy poetry, or write poetry.  A large selection of poetry materials is available as well as Poetry Resources. 

Source:              Children's Book Council


Poetry Especially for Children


Poetry for Kids

This list of cool sites for kids will come in handy when introducing them to poetry.  Most of the poems are fun, short, and very easy to read.  There's comic poetry, a showplace for poetry written by kids, and ideas for parents and teachers.  Celebrate National Poetry Month with your little tykes.

Source:              Allen Country Public Library

Reading Level:   Easy


Children's Poetry

An author of children's poetry, Kristine O'Connell George, shares her love of the written word with her own published work and resources for parents and teachers.  Let your little guys listen to her read poetry or check out middle school poems.  Visit the "Poetry Thinks" room for in depth thoughts and quotes about poems and their authors.

Source:              Kristine O'Connell George

Reading Level:   Easy


Publishing Poetry Online

"Surfing the Net" with kids will guide you to the best sites for having your children's poetry published online.  You'll find online projects for K-12 classrooms, tips from authors of poetry collections for kids, and writing contests.  Don't forget the honorable mentions!

Source:              Barbara J. Feldman

Reading Level:   Moderate

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