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National Poetry Month
By Sarah Lane
Apr 1, 2004, 15:00 PST

National Poetry Month

National Poetry Month


Have you ever been through a maze with no escape until you're seeing double or nothing, where every voice floats in a cloud and should you forget to lick the blackberry juice from the rim you get thrown off a cliff?  Well then, you've never experienced poetry! 


April is National Poetry Month.    The Academy of American Poets brings you this celebration of one of the oldest forms of creative writing.  Commemorate the 101st Anniversary of the birth of Langston Hughes, learn more about your favorite poet, or experiment by writing something of your own.  Who knows, you could enter a contest on a whim and win! 


Be sure to browse through the 'Online Poetry Classroom' that is part of the Academy.  Stop by the 'Passions in Poetry' site to read work that others are currently submitting, or read today's hottest poets in the Atlantic Monthly online.  There are a million ways to participate in National Poetry Month so pick one and go for it!


Additional Learning Links for Poetry


The Academy of American Poets

This is the organization responsible for the inauguration of National Poetry Month in 1996.  It recognized the 100th anniversary of the birth of Langston Hughes, who was voted most favorite poet.  View new spring books or browse the events calendar for readings.

Source:              The Academy of American Poets

Reading Level:   Advanced


Poets of the Academy

As part of the Academy of American poets, this site lets you search for a particular author, poem, or even listen as a poem is read.  Find out about poetry awards, how the academy works, and what exhibits are available for you to check out.  The link to the 'Online Poetry Classroom' is valuable for teachers looking for lesson plans with curriculum units.

Source:              The Academy of American Poets

Reading Level:   Moderate


Passions in Poetry

Created by Ron Carnell and his poetic friends, this site is highly recommended for those who have a passion for poetry.  Send poems to your friends for special occasions.  Choose from categories such as love, friendship, classical or even submit your own work for publication on the site!

Source:              Net Poets

Reading Level:   Moderate


League of Canadian Poets

In 1999 the Canadian League of Poets established National Poetry Month in Canada.  Become a part of Canadian culture with these events, resources for teachers and librarians, or find out about Poetry College, 2002.  Check out the National Poetry Month posters or read a 'Poem for Peace in Two Voices,' translated from French.

Source:              The Canadian Council for the Arts

Reading Level:   Moderate


The Atlantic Monthly

For advanced poets this is just a glimpse of what the magazine The Atlantic Monthly offers each month.  Read interviews with poets, hear poetry read or visit the archives for past issues.  There are also sections on fiction, travel, science, and politics.

Source:              The Atlantic Monthly Group

Reading Level:   Advanced


Additional Resources

See our companion article for more Learning Links - Poetry Resources.

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