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  4th of July
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4th of July  

4th of July Learning Links
By Sarah Lane
Jun 29, 2008, 12:01 PST

General Links for 4th of July Holiday

Learning Links for the 4th of July


The following Learning Links will lead you to general facts and information pertaining to the 4th of July.  Each site allows you to explore this day in history, past celebrations, literature, and more.  Hear music such as ‘The Stars and Stripes Forever March,’ and the ‘Star Spangled Banner.’  Play online games, print out flags to color, and browse through recipes.


General Information on the 4th of July


American Memory - Today in History 

Check out the fireworks from the World’s Fair, read a copy of the Declaration of Independence, or a synopsis of this day in history.  Learn about the War of 1812 or listen to “The Stars and Stripes Forever March.”  There are also literature links and photographs.

Source:              American Memory Collection, Library of Congress

Reading Level:   Hard


Happy Birthday America

Not only will you find links to Mount Rushmore and photos of fireworks displays, but you can also hear a presidential address from George Bush.  There is a section on the American Flag, government resources and American history facts.  You can also hear a child’s rendition of the “Star Spangled Banner.”
Source:              USA CityLink

Reading Level:   Moderate


July 4th Fun

There are all sorts of fun activities, patriotic printables, software, clip art, and online games at this site.  Find out ‘Why We Celebrate the 4th of July’ and read ‘History in the Making.’  Browse through the book list and links.

Source:              Kaboose, Inc.

Reading Level:   Easy


Independence Day

Take a history lesson with this cool set of America’s Historical Documents including the Mayflower Compact and The Gettysburg Address.  Listen to the selection of Patriotic music or complete a word search.


Reading Level:   Easy-Moderate


Happy Birthday USA

Read the story of America’s Independence, watch a firework display, or read about flag etiquette.  There are many recipes with everything from apple pie to grilling tips.  Also view the list of our presidents in order of the terms they served.

Source:              Independence Day on the Net,

Reading Level:   Easy



Celebration Database

An ‘Awesome Library Editor’s Choice,’ this database allows you to access informative chronologies, 4th of July topics, stories, and more.  All of this is in some way connected to celebrations of America’s independence.

Source:              James B. Heintze

Reading Level:   Hard


Fireworks Safety

Read this short article and take the quiz that follows to be sure you know all there is to know about having a safe 4th of July.

Source:              Prevent Blindness America

Reading Level:   Easy

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