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Last Updated: Aug 28th, 2012 - 22:51:43 
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  Labor Day
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Labor Day  

Labor Day Learning Links
By Sarah Lane
Aug 7, 2012, 18:43 PST

Labor Day

Labor Day - Learning Links


Learning Links For Labor Day

PBS Online News Hour 

Read this article about the significance of Labor Day to our nation’s history.  There are also special News Hour Links that allow you to review former articles with similarly relevant information.

Source:   MacNeil/Lehrer Productions

Reading Level:   Moderate


Department of Labor

Learn about the history, founder, first celebration, legislation, and this now nationwide holiday.  Look for interactive tools and frequently asked questions.

Source:   The Department of Labor

Reading Level:   Moderate


Our Labor Day - The Real Meaning of the Labor Day Holiday

This article was written based on the writer's opinion in order to give you a different perspective.  Along with learning the facts, see if you agree or disagree with the writer.

Source:   John E. Shepler

Reading Level:   Moderate


What if We Didn't Need Labor Day?

Another opinion based article about Labor Day, this one goes in the opposite direction of the previous one.  Compare the two while you learn.

Source:   Norman Solomon, Media Beat

Reading Level:   Advanced


Why DO We Celebrate Labor Day?

Find out the answer to this question as well as interesting links to more on the subject of the Labor Day holiday.

Source:   Howstuffworks, Inc.

Reading Level:   Moderate


Lesson Plans For Labor Day



Here’s a list of ideas for celebrating Labor Day in the classroom.  You'll find Women in World War II, a lesson plan for creating a Career Bulletin Board, and appreciation cards to send to workers.

Source:   Teachnology, Inc.


Teacher Vision
Browse the Labor Day themed library, choose from the printables, or several other subjects.  You'll find Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, and lots more.

Source:   The Learning Network Incorporated

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Labor Day
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Labor Day
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