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Memorial Day  

Explore More About Memorial Day
By Sarah Lane, Cynthia Kirkeby
May 5, 2012, 12:49 PST

Memorial Day

Explore More About Memorial Day

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Memorial Day Learning Links


Memorials & Casualty Files
This is a huge list of Memorial sites around the world (complete with links) and casualty files.
Source: David Merchant
Reading Level: Easy

A Commemoration

Find out where Memorial Day originated and why, as well as how it’s celebrated.  See how people plan for this holiday and explore the list of links provided.

Source:               Seneca County NY GenWeb

Reading Level:   Moderate


History Channel

The History Channel uncovers the historical significance of this holiday by divulging little known facts and providing a veterans forum.  Veterans, their families, and anyone interested in history can come together to share their thoughts.  Also check the schedule of programs for special T.V. presentations.

Source:               A & E Television Networks

Reading Level:   Moderate


Davis Virtual Market

Explore this listing of War related websites and the peace section.  Remember our fallen heroes with the memorials, casualty files, literature, poetry, and letters.  Find out what famous historical figures have to say about War & Peace.

Source:               Davis Community Network

Reading Level:   Moderate


Memorial Day 

This site has great links to helpful materials for Memorial Day, including history, poetry and prayers, online activities, and more.

Source:               David Merchant USNR

Reading Level:   Moderate

Lesson Plans


PBS Teacher Source

Here you will find 10 interdisciplinary activity ideas for multiple grade levels.  Subjects are highlighted and online resources are also provided.

Source:               PBS


Celebrating Memorial Day

Embark on this Memorial Day Internet Treasure Hunt.  Use the accompanying activities for independent, small group, or whole-class activities.  Additional resources are also provided.

Source:               Education World, Inc.


Education Place

An extensive list of activities from K-8 is listed, along with the necessary resources.  Also check the page designated Internet Resources for even more ideas for lesson plans.

Source:               Houghton Mifflin Company 


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Memorial Day
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