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World Cup Soccer
By Sarah Lane
May 16, 2005, 12:32 PST

The World Cup



The F.I.F.A. World Cup


It’s a hot summer day.  I’m sidelined at my league game with plenty of water, waiting for the whistle.  Spanish, Finnish, Italian, English, and another tongue I can’t quite identify, swirl around the one topic that’s unified these cultures since 1930, The F.I.F.A. World Cup. 


A spattering of soccer fans here in the States devote odd hours (due to the time difference) watching as many of the 32 teams and hundred-plus games of The World Cup as possible.  That small group of fans can’t compare to the football fever inflicting the rest of the world.  International fans wait four long years to speak the universal language of soccer, understood by even the most remote villages.


In the world of soccer, everyone has an equal chance of reaching his or her dreams.  You can see it in the fans. It’s as palpable as the determination of the seasoned players in front of me in this American adult league. They act out their favorite plays from T.V. screens, and the winning goal of their dreams.  For them, it’s about complete love and devotion for the one event that transcends wars, international misconceptions, and cultural boundaries.  It’s all about the game. 


F.I.F.A. actually stands for Federation Internationale de Football Association. It was founded in Paris, France on May 21, 1904.  However, it took time and planning before F.I.F.A. organized and staged their first world championship.  The first World Cup was held in the Centenary Stadium in Montevideo, July 18, 1930.  Every four years thereafter, teams from all over the world gather to compete in a designated host country. The only exception to this was the suspension of games during the World Wars.  Countries then compete in a frenzy of matches, until the fog clears, and the one team left standing takes home the pride and glory. 


In the last quarter century, football has enveloped more than the players, fans, and cultures. It has also encompassed generations, nations, and an entire civilization in its quest to unite the world in the name of sportsmanship. 

Source:      F.I.F.A.

World Cup Learning Links




Learn more about this amazing World Cup soccer players!

Source:               RajuAbju Inc.

Reading Level:   Moderate


F.I.F.A. World Cup

For up-to-date news reports that feature the scores, groups, matches, and video highlights, check here.  Skip to Destination Asia to see the layout of the two countries and 22 host cities of F.I.F.A. World Cup Korea/Japan2002.  Japan and Korea are the first two countries to host a tournament in Asia, and are also the first two countries to host the World Cup simultaneously. 

Source:               F.I.F.A.

Reading Level:   Moderate



This is a complete breakdown of the organization behind football’s greatest championship.  Learn the president’s vision, all about F.I.F.A. including its history, development, goals, and what’s in store for future generations.

Source:               F.I.F.A.

Reading Level:   Hard


ESPN Soccer

This is ESPN’s version of the World Cup site and it includes historical facts, information on the venues, players, teams, and groups.  Results and reports are also available.  Special articles feature an inside glimpse at the phenomenon overseas.

Source:               ESPN 

Reading Level:   Moderate    


Japan & Korea

Voice your vote in the pole, learn what the experts predict for the outcome of the championship, view the schedule, current photos, teams profiles, statistics, video games, forums and much more at this official site.

Source:               World Cup Soccer

Reading Level:   Moderate


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