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Last Updated: May 14th, 2012 - 02:58:20 

Black Music Month

Black Music Month
By Sarah Lane
Feb 18, 2012, 06:00 PST

Black Music Month June


As of May 31st, 2002, President Bush has proclaimed the month of June to be Black Music Month.  Recognition of this critical part of American heritage will be highlighted all month long with various events urging citizens to revel in the many forms of music from gospel to hip-hop. 


African-American musicians, singers, and composers have contributed an immense amount to our nation's history. It should be acknowledged and celebrated.  Below are some links to get you started in the exploration of this vast area of musical talents.  We've also added a timeline of links that explores important people through biographies and music samples.  Take part in this celebration and learn something new!


Black Music Month A Timeline of the People


Learning Links for Black Music Month


Presidential Proclamation

This is a copy of the official proclamation in which President Bush announced that June is Black Music Month.  Read what this celebration is all about.

Source:     U.S. Department of State     


Archives of African-American Music and Culture

The archives of african music and american culture

Source:     Indiana University


Musical Styles and Genres

The cbmr  Simply click on the genre of music to read a brief definition of its style.

Source:     Columbia College Chicago


Center for Black Music Research Library Resources

The CBMR Library Resources includes research services, bibliographies and music lists, a discography of music by black composers, many musical styles and genres, and selected archival materials.

Source:     Columbia College Chicago


The Red Hot Jazz Archive

The Red Hot Jazz Archive tells the history of jazz before 1930.  Is a place to study and enjoy the early music of jazz.  Using multimedia technology and combining the best of books and audio recordings, the archive should help you to appreciate the music and the men and women who produced it.

Source:     Jazz Archive


African-American Sheet Music 1850-1920

A collection of 1,305 pieces of African-American sheet music dating from 1850 through 1920 has graced the American Memory section of the Library of Congress.  Learn about music from the abolitionist movement, civil war period, reconstruction period, and even the 20th century.

Source:     Library of Congress                      


Jazz Roots

Read an overview of jazz and its roots or learn about early jazz musicians.  View pictures, a timeline, fun facts, or take the monthly jazz quiz.  Explore African-Americans and music from 1895 through 1920.

Source:     Thomas L. Morgan

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Black Music Month
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Black Music Month: A Timeline of the People
Black Music Month