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Veterans' Day

Veterans' Day Learning Links
By Sarah Lane
Oct 11, 2012, 10:04 PST

Veterans Day Links

Veterans' Day History
Scan this explanation for our nation’s day of remembrance and discover the many aspects of Veterans' Day. Find out why the number 11 is significant to its history.
Source: United States Embassy
Reading Level: Moderate

Restoring Veterans' Day Part of ‘Citizenship Education’, this page not only gives you the origins of Veterans’ Day, but a suggested community program of events. This could be used for both Veterans' and Memorial Day.
Veterans of Foreign Wars
Reading Level: Moderate

Veterans' Day National Committee
On the Veterans' Day homage you’ll find the history of Veterans' day, and classroom projects and activities. Check out the link list or print out a Teacher’s Guide. View Veterans' Day posters from 1978 to 2001.
Department of Veterans Affairs
Reading Level: Moderate

Participate in the ClassBrain Veteran's Memories Project
Find out about this important project and participate in the national effort to collect stories and experiences of war Veterans. The American Folklife Center and Library of Congress are collecting and preserving oral histories, documents, photos, movies, and anything else they can find on America’s war Veterans.
Library of Congress
Reading Level: Advanced

How We Remember
This is a special look at how they remember Veterans in the UK, which is where many of our ceremonies in the US originate.
Source: BBC
Reading Level: Advanced

Special Report: W.W.I Remembered
This special report on World War I will give you access to a variety of resources. Watch and listen to why we commemorate the Armistice at the 11th hour. Read the map of war deaths from 1914 to 1918 and find links to several war stories. Be sure to check out the ‘Letters Home’ selections at the bottom of the page.
Reading Level: Advanced

United States Holocaust Museum
Areas of study include the Education section which has information for students, families, teachers, adults, and University faculty. There’s also a Research center for Advanced Holocaust studies with library collections and Holocaust-Era Assets. Stop by the online and museum exhibitions, and the Remembrance and Conscience sections as well.
Source: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Reading Level: Moderate

Korean War Veterans Memorial
Located in Washington, D.C., this printable travel guide will help you get started on learning about the Korean Memorial including visiting tips. This page also has several links to other national memorials and monuments.
Source: National Park Service
Reading Level: Easy

Vietnam Veterans Memorial War
A place of healing since 1996, this memorial wall page is dedicated to honoring those who died in the Vietnam War. Search the wall and support the wall. Visit the photo gallery and literary sections for more insight.
Source: The Wall - USA team
Reading Level: Moderate

Lesson Plans for Veterans Day

E-Company, A Look Into Our Past
This special ‘Movies in the Classroom’ section has a lesson plan using the HBO series, Band of Brothers, and internet resources. There are supplemental worksheets and learning links available as well.
ClassBrain, Inc.

Lest We Forget
The purpose of this link is to help students understand a day of remembrance. There’s background information for teachers, classroom activities, Veterans' Day trivia, and further resources.
Source: Instructional Materials Center

What is Veterans' Day?
Get printables, downloads, a quiz, access to the message boards, articles, and links for more. At the bottom of the page click on ‘Teacher’s-Find Lesson Plans’ for resources.
Source: Family Education Network

About Veterans
Materials on the symbols, customs, and possible school activities for Veterans' Day. Use as handouts and to plan curricular material.
Department of Veterans Affairs

Veterans' Day Teaching Theme
Access to Veterans' Day activities and resources includes clipart, songs, background information, crafts, vocabulary builders, interactive sites, web quests, and online memorials. Also check the lesson plans and worksheets.

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