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Lewis and Clark

Lewis & Clark Additional Learning Links
By Sarah Lane
May 4, 2012, 09:20 PST

Additional Learning Links for Lewis & Clark

The Ultimate Adventure
Time has put together The Ultimate Adventure for the Bicentennial of Lewis & Clark.  A reflection on their sacrifice and achievement, you'll find 15 articles on topics ranging from Homeland Security to Sacagawea, 11 ways to follow their trail, and original pages from the Lewis & Clark journals.  Be sure to check the Table of Contents.
Source:  Time, Inc.
Reading Level:  Moderate

Discovering Lewis & Clark
A Legacy website since 1998, this site focuses on Persistent Issues, Core Values, and Changing Visions.  Through the use of a 19-part synopsis by Harry Fritz, a Professor of History at the University of Montana, Missoula, this website progresses with interpretative episodes.  There are selections from the Lewis and Clark journals, photographs, maps, animated graphics, moving pictures, and sound files.
Source:  VIAs, Inc.
Reading Level:  Moderate

The Journey of the Corps of Discovery
This film by Ken Burns takes you inside the Corps, the life of Native Americans, and The Archive.  Check out the timeline of the expedition, maps or read the journals of the Corps.  Into the Unknown is an interactive expedition where you lead the group into uncharted territory.  Make decisions crucial to your survival and see how long you would last filling in for Meriwether Lewis.
Source:  PBS Online, GM General Motors 
Reading Level:  Moderate

Lewis and Clark 200
This is a partnership between 32 federal agencies and organizations with one goal:  To provide and easy to use web portal with information about various Lewis and Clark places.  Choose from the list with over 50 links to information.
Source:  Jay Rasmussen
Reading Level:  Advanced

Lewis and Clark Across Missouri

This very cool little site has put together virtual tours and movies of the journey Lewis and Clark took as they traveled through the state of Missouri. Flash movies give you a low bird's eye view of the path the took along the river and it chronicles over 50 campsites within the current state's boundaries. Definitely worth a look, this site help put their journey into better perspective.
Source:  Curators of the University of Missouri, Dept. of Geography
Reading Level:  Beginner to Moderate

National Council of the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial
Look up signature events associated with the 200 year anniversary of Lewis and Clark, find out how to travel the trail, or read the presidential proclamation made by George W. Bush on July 1, 2002.  There are links to special interests, news and announcements, and more for the 2003-2006 historical remembrance of western expansion.
Source:  National Council of the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial
Reading Level:  Advanced

Jefferson's West
Learn about Jeffersos part in the expedition including the origins, preparation, and an expedition timeline.  Thers a Commemorative Events schedule, related links, a selected bibliography, and a place to request exposition brochures.
Source:  Thomas Jefferson Foundation, Inc.
Reading Level:  Advanced

Lewis and Clark and the U.S. Geological Survey in North Dakota
This site focuses on Lewis and Clark's journeys along the Missouri River, the Fort Mandan area, the Bismarck/Mandan area, and the dams that have affected the Missouri River as it is today.
Source:  USGS
Reading Level:  Moderate

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