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  Hanukkah (Chanukah)
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Hanukkah (Chanukah)  

Learning Links for Chanukah
By Sarah Lane
Nov 17, 2008, 11:40 PST

Additional Learning Links for Chanukah

Judaism 101: Chanukkah
You'll find the complete story of Chanukkah at this website, in addition to traditions associated with the holiday, and music you can listen to while reading the lyrics. Get a list of important holiday dates and recipes, or play a virtual dreidel game.
Source:, Tracey R. Rich
Reading Level: Moderate

World Wide Jewish Web

When you access this site you could choose to read the history of Chanuka, send a Chanuka postcard, learn how to play the dreidel game, or find out how lighting the menorah works. You can also print recipes and songs.
Reading Level: Moderate

It’s Not Your Father’s Hanukkah
“Meant to inspire as well as educate kids and adults, Jews and non-Jews alike, this Hanukkah Guide emphasizes the unusual alongside the traditional, recognizing the different cultures that make up the Diaspora and trying to bring them all together in the representation of the holiday. Information is provided about where to find all of the traditional prayers, blessings, games and stories. Also included are how to make potato latkes in the style of Mid-Eastern/African celebrants, as well as resources for finding Jewish clip art to decorate holiday home pages.”
Source: Caryn Shalita
Reading Level: Moderate

The Jewish Virtual Library
This complete historical account gives you plenty of background facts on the Jewish festival of lights. Learn about Alexander the Great, the Hellenistic culture, the sacred Temple, and how all of these things play an important role in this holiday's heritage.
Source: AICE (The American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise)
Reading Level: Moderate

Hanukkah Exhibit
Check out this Hanukkah exhibit from the History Channel for explanations of traditions like the Menorah, the Dreidel, Latkes, and Sufganiyot. Explore the section with Amazing Hanukkah Feats.
Source: A & E Television Networks
Reading Level: Moderate

Chanukah on the Net

Always a fun place to stop for holiday fun, check this site out for stories, games, gifts, supplies, music, and lots more goodies for the Chanukah celebration.
Source: Holidays on the Net
Reading Level: Easy

Happy Hanukah
For your youngest kids, this simple story of Hanukah will light their imaginations on fire. At the bottom is a link to directions to make your very own dreidel, or how to play the game.
Source: Bry-Back Manor
Reading Level: Easy

The Hanukkah House
Click on the Hebrew words and drag the images that appear into the picture frame. Create your very own Hanukkah House!
Source: ZigZag, Inc.
Reading Level: Easy

Recipe for Latkes
Latkes are potato pancakes fried in oil. The use of cooking oil is symbolic of the oil that lasted for eight days when the Temple of Jerusalem was rededicated. Try this recipe with an adult around to help you.
Reading Level: Difficult

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Hanukkah (Chanukah)
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