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Have a Pumpkin Carving Party!
By Sarah Lane
Sep 26, 2008, 06:04 PST

Let the Carving Begin!

Here's a close up of the carving process. Tape your pattern to your pumpkin and begin poking holes to outline your design:

This is a close up of what the poker and holes look like:

This is what your pumpkin will look like after you've finished poking the holes and remove your pattern:

Here's Chris using the slicer to cut out the top of his pumpkin:

After he takes out the top...

... then come the guts!!!

Now he's scooping the seeds out and scraping the inside to make it thin enough to carve:

This is a close up of the now sawed-out pieces and how it should look.

Hopefully this should be enough information to get you started on your pumpkin party plans. If you haven't seen our pumpkins or our many Halloween activities, be sure to check them out!

Take a look at what we carved up!!

Have a Pumpkin Party!

You might have seen the ClassBrain staffers’ pumpkins posted on the site from our very own pumpkin carving party. How did we do it and what did we use? Well, we've taken pictures of all the products and written up a review so you'll be armed and ready for when it's time to buy your own supplies. For each item reviewed we have given it a rating from one to five; five is the best. Here’s what we’ve discovered.

The Pumpkin Masters Kid's Carving & Activity Kit

Comes with:
1 scooper
1 saw
1 poker
4 glowing eyes
a transfer crayon
patterns with pre-cut holes

Average score 4.5

We noticed right away that the saw in this set was not as sharp as those found in The Pumpkin Masters Original Pumpkin Carving Kit. But the pre-marked patterns and transfer crayon make it easy for the little guys to begin the carving process. The handle of the scooper is a good size and works well for hands of all sizes. The extra fat handle on the saw makes it easier for little hands to grasp, and the bright green color stands out so the pieces are harder to lose. The glowing eyes worked well. Although we thought the poker needed a bigger handle, overall this would be an excellent kit for smaller kids!

Official Shop of Harry Potter!

The Pumpkin Masters Original Pumpkin Carving Kit

Comes with:
1 starter saw
1 medium saw
1 poker
1 drill
16 patterns

Average score 4

This kit has sharper saws than the The Pumpkin Masters Kid's Carving & Activity Kit and the poker works very well. The drill is a good starter tool and we liked that there were two different sizes of saws. They will break if used too roughly, so boys be careful! The patterns that came with this set are good for smaller pumpkins. We recommend that you don't shrink the more intricate patterns, as it makes them harder to use. Overall, there's a good variety of tools in this kit and it's excellent for older kids and adults.

Pumpkin Carver Set

Comes with:
1 slicer
1 medium saw

Average score 4.5

The slicer is a great tool to cut out the top of your pumpkin. The saw is a little weak, but the slicer makes up for that fact. We recommend these for thicker skinned pumpkins and as starter tools. One of our staffers suggested they make these into electric saws for adults!

Paper Magic Group Deluxe Carve & Stencil Kit

Comes with:
A CD (mac and pc compatible)
1 scooper
1 poker
1 medium saw
1 match holder

Average score is 4

By far the best part of this kit was the match holder. Everyone loved this idea. The CD has basic patterns good for kids 10 and under, and is Mac and PC compatible. The only thing missing is a set of directions for carving in general. We found the scooper harder to use than the others we'd tried, and the saw was too large for detail work. This kit was weaker than the rest, so we’d like to see a match holder in the other ones

Pumpkin Masters 4-in-1 Carving Tool
Extra Scraper Scoop

Average score is 3.5

We bought the extra scraper scoop because we liked this the best. The 4-in-1 tool has two saws, a poker, and a scraper all in one. This tool is ideal for poking out little pieces of your pumpkin and for detail work.

Pumpkin Masters Pattern Books

Spine Tinglers Carving Patterns
Halloween's Most Wanted Carving Patterns
Sensational Shadows Carving Patterns

Average score 4.75

Three of us took a pattern, each from a different book. The other three got their patterns from One of us actually designed our own pattern. We found the Sensational Shadows book more intricate and time consuming. It’s definitely a good book for adults. Halloween’s Most Wanted would be good for younger kids and it has a wide variety of patterns. We liked the fact that they have a rating system for the level of difficulty at the top of each page in all three books.

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