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Calvin Coolidge Learning Links
By Sarah Lane
Jun 28, 2004, 10:00 PST

Additional Learning Links for Calvin Coolidge

The Coolidge Experience
It's clear by this site that some people appreciate today what kind of a man Calvin Coolidge really was. Explore his life history from early childhood, as well as some interesting facts about our 30th president.
Source: Ed Holden and Mark Uree

Brainy Quotes
Although Silent Cal might have been a man of few words, he sure had a lot of important things to say when he did speak. Read his most famous quotes here.
Source: Brainy Media

White House Biography
The ultimate source for finding out the scoop on our former presidents, as well as our leaders today, the White House has many references and materials at your disposal.
Source: The White House Online

This acronym stands for Presidents Of The United States. There is a lengthy list of biographical information complete with many links to further facts.
Source: The Regents of the University of Michigan

Encyclopedia America
Learn about Coolidge's rise in Massachusetts politics, his stint as a governor, and his first and second terms as our president. Follow the links for further information.
Source: Grolier Incorporated

The American President
An enormous amount of information has been collected to bring you this special presentation of our American Presidents. Read about life before the presidency, family life, the impact, and the lasting legacy of Coolidge, and the rest of the American Presidents.
Source: New York Life Insurance Company

The Price of the Presidency
A man named Richard Norton Smith takes a look at the price Calvin Coolidge paid for becoming our president in this essay titled, The Price of the Presidency. Learn about the man who was not from his day.
Source: The Town of Northampton

Inaugural Address
Calvin Coolidge's Inaugural Address dated March 4th, 1925, speaks of the principles America represents. Peace, prosperity, and the promotion of enterprise sounds vaguely similar to today's addresses.
Source: Bartleby, Inc.

American Leaders Speak
The Library of Congress and its American Memory section bring you this valuable link to our nation's history. American Leaders Speak: Recordings from World War I and the 1920 Election, gives you access to seven different recordings of Calvin Coolidge. Listen to his words on equal rights, law and order, and the duty of our government.
Source: The Library of Congress

Memorial Foundation

This information is strictly on the Calvin Coolidge Memorial Foundation, Inc. in Plymouth, Vermont.
Source: Vermontiana Collections

Archives and Resources
Sponsored by the Calvin Coolidge Memorial Foundation of Plymouth Notch, Vermont, this site serves as a primary resource for our 30th president. Speeches, videos, books, events, and the history of the man himself should get you started.
Source: Calvin Coolidge Memorial Foundation

Library of Congress
Culled from various divisions of the Library of Congress, this resource focuses on Prosperity and Thrift: The Coolidge Era and the Consumer Economy, 1921-1929. This collection of manuscripts, photos, and more preserves our nation's history.
Source: Library of Congress

John Fitzgerald Kennedy Library
This extensive list of "Calvin Coolidge on the World Wide Web" will help with any project or report. From biographical, to speech texts and quotations, to images, there's no shortage of information on Coolidge.
Source: John Fitzgerald Kennedy Library

Calvin Coolidge Historical Site
A rural village in Vermont was the birthplace and boyhood home of Calvin Coolidge. He was also sworn in here by his father. Explore the attractions, homestead, and nature.
Source: Hawk Resorts International, LLP.

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