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Interesting and Weird November Holidays
By Melissa Papke
Aug 13, 2012, 08:47 PST

Interesting and Weird Holidays in November

If you're interested in learning about holidays in November, you've come to the right place.  This is a partial list of holidays - some crazy, some interesting - taken from Chase's Calendar of Events Book.  Check it out!

All Hallows or All Saints Day (November 1)
Roman Catholic Holy Day of Obligation.  Commemorates the blessed, especially those who have no special feast days.  Observed on November 1 since Pope Gregory IV set the date of recognition in 835.  All Saints Day is a legal holiday in Louisiana.  Halloween is the evening before All Hallows Day.

American Diabetes Month (November 1-30)
American Diabetes Month is designed to communicate the seriousness of diabetes and the importance of proper diabetes control and treatment to those diagnosed with the disease and their families.  Throughout the month, the American Diabetes Association holds special events and programs on a variety of topics related to diabetes care and treatment.  For information contact:  American Diabetes Association at (800) DIABETES or

Aviation History Month (November 1-30)
Anniversary of aeronautical experiments in November 1782 (exact dates unknown), by Joseph Michel Montgolfier and Jacques Etienne Montgolfier, brothers living at Annonay, France.  Inspired by Joseph Priestly's book Experiments Relating to the Different Kinds of Air, the brothers experimented with filling paper and fabric bags with smoke and hot air, leading to the invention of the hot-air balloon, man's first flight and the entire science of aviation and flight.

Diabetic Eye Disease Month (November 1-30)
Can people with diabetes prevent the onset of diabetic eye disease?  During this observance Prevent Blindness America tells how control of diabetes can affect diabetic retinopathy, cataracts and glaucoma.  For information:  Prevent Blindness America, 500 Remington Road, Schaumburg, IL  60173.  Phone:  (800) 331-2020.  Fax:  (847) 843-8458.  Web:

Epilepsy Awareness Month (November 1-30)
To increase public awareness that despite dramatic gains in treatment, epilepsy is a serious and chronic health condition for which there is no cure.  Annually, the month of November.  For information:  Public Relations Department, Epilepsy Foundation, 4351 Garden City Drive, Landover, MD  20785.  Phone:  (301) 459-3700 or (800) 332-1000.  Fax: (301) 459-0412.  Email:  Web:

Family Stories Month (November 1-30)
November starts out with crisper weather and ends with the gathering of family and friends around the table, which makes November the perfect month to start telling and saving family stories.  For information:  Scrapbook Storytelling, 3460 Hampton Avenue, St. Louis, MO  63139.  Phone: (314) 353-6100.  Fax: (314) 353-1272.  Email:  Web:

I Am So Thankful Month (November 1-30)
This month is dedicated to giving thanks and counting your blessings daily.  Share with others the things you are thankful for!  For information:  Nancy J. Lewis, MS, PHR, P.O. Box 342, Fayetteville, GA  30214.  Phone: (404) 559-7614.  Fax: (404) 559-7614.  Email:  Web:

International Orphan Disease Month (November 1-30)
A month dedicated to the awareness of medical orphans - rare disorders/diseases.  Includes Adopt a Medical Orphan campaign, Unsolved Cases stories, publishing of Hope and Healing from submissions sent in by the public and volunteer internship/study programs.  For information:  The ForGoodnessSake! Center, 427 East 17th Street, Michigan City, IN  46360.  Email:

Lung Cancer Awareness Month (November 1-30)
A month created to increase awareness of the need for screening, early detection, more research and compassion for lung cancer survivors.  Lung Cancer Alliance is the only organization in the world solely dedicated to helping people at rish for and living with lung cancer.  Support and education resources are vailable free of charge by phone, mail, or Internet.  For information:  Lung Cancer Alliance 888 16th St, NW Ste 150, Washington, DC 20006.   Phone: 1-202-463-2080
Lung Cancer Information Line: 1-800-298-2436 (9:00am to 5pm Eastern Time)
Email:  Web:

National Adoption Month (November 1-30)
By Presidential Proclamation.

National AIDS Awareness Month (November 1-30)
To educate consumers, patients, students and professionals on the prevention of AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases.  Kit of materials available for $15.  For information:  Frederick Maher, President, Pharmacists Planning Service, Inc., 101 Lucas Valley Road, #210, San Rafael, CA  94903.  Phone:  (415) 479-8628.  Fax:  (415) 479-8608.  Email:  Web:

National Alzheimer's Disease Month (November 1-30)
To increase awareness of Alzheimer's disease and what the Alzheimer's Association is doing to advance research and help patients, their families and caregivers.  For information:  Alzheimer's Association, Nicolle Heller, 919 North Michigan, Suite 1100, Chicago, IL  60611.  Phone:  (800) 272-3900 or (312) 335-4037.  Fax:  (312)
335-1100.  Email:  Web:

National American Indian Heritage Month (November 1-30)
By Presidential Proclamation.

National Authors' Day (November 1)
This observance was adopted by the General Federation of Women's Clubs in 1929 and in 1949 was given a place on the list of special days, weeks and months prepared by the US Department of Commerce.  The resolution states:  "by celebrating an Authors' Day as a nation, we would not only show patriotism, loyalty, and appreciation of the men and women who have made American literature possible, but would also encourage and inspire others to give of themselves in making a better America...."  It was also resolved "that we commemorate an Authors' Day to be observed on November First each year."

National Family Caregivers Month (November 1-30)
A nationwide month of recognition for the millions of family caregivers.  For information: Suzanne Geffen Mintz, President, National Family Caregivers Association, 10400 Connecticut Avenue, Suite 500, Kensington, MD  20895-3944.  Phone:  (800) 896-3650.  Fax:  (301) 942-2302.  Email:  Web:

National Family Literacy Day (November 1)
Celebrated all over the country with special activities and events that showcase the importance of family literacy programs.  Family literacy programs bring parents and children together in the classroom to learn and support each other in efforts to further their education and improve their life skills.  Sponsored by the National Center for Family Literacy and Verizon.  Annually, November 1.  For information:  National Center for Family Literacy, 325 West Main Street, Suite 200, Louisville, KY  40202.  Phone:  (502) 584-1133 or (877) FAMLIT1.  Fax:  (502) 584-0175.  Email:  Web:

National Fig Week (November 1-7)
To celebrate the completion of the California fig harvest and encourage consumers to use California figs as part of their diet for the taste, high fiber and nutritional value.  For information: California Fig Advisory Board, P.O. Box 709, Fresno, CA  93712.  Phone: (800) 588-2344.  Fax:  (559) 224-3449.  Email:  Web:  http://www.california/

National Georgia Pecan Month (November 1-30)
To herald the Georgia pecan harvest and recognize Georgia's status as the nation's top pecan-producing state, providing 40 percent of the nation's supply.  For information:  Marcia Crowley, Georgia Agricultural Commodity Commission for Pecans (GACCP), Commodities Promotion Division, Georgia Department of Agriculture, 328 Agriculture Bldg., Capitol Square, Atlanta, GA  30334.  Phone:  (404) 656-3678.  Fax:  (404) 656-9380.

National Healthy Skin Month (November 1-30)
For information:  American Academy of Dermatology, 930 North Meacham Road, Schaumburg, IL  60173.  Phone:  (847) 330-0230 or (888) 462-DERM.  Web:

National Hospice Month (November 1-30)
To promote greater awareness of hospice care and the advantages it offers; to educate physicians and other health care professionals about the concept of hospice; to honor patients and family members, as well as the thousands of dedicated professionals and volunteers who devote their time, love and support to the terminally ill and their families; and to educate public officials to ensure hospice care remains a key components in the health care delivery system.  For information:  Public Relations, Hospice Association of America, 228 Seventh Street, SE, Washington, DC  20003.  Phone:  (202) 546-4759.  Fax:  (202) 547-3540.  Web:

National Lifewriting Month (November 1-30)
An opportunity to celebrate and share ourselves by putting our lifestories in writing.  Celebration by preserving our autobiographies in writing allows us to share our stories with future generations.  For information:  Soleil Lifestory Network, 95-33 Gould Road, Lisbon Falls, ME  04252.  Web:

National Marrow Awareness Month (November 1-30)
More than 30,000 Americans are diagnosed each year with leukemia or another life-threatening blood disease for which a bone marrow or blood stem cell transplant offers hope for survival.  The National Marrow Donor Program maintains a computerized registry of nearly 4,000,000 volunteer donors.  For information:  National Marrow Donor Program, 3433 Broadway Street NE, Suite 500, Minneapolis, MN  55413.  Phone:  (800) MARROW2.  Web:

Peanut Butter Lovers' Month (November 1-30)
Celebration of America's favorite food and #1 sandwich.  For information:  Peanut Advisory Board, 1025 Sugar Pike Way, Canton, GA  30115.  Web:

Vegan Month (November 1-30)
This outreach event encourages everyone to GO VEGAN!  Vegans choose to neither eat nor use any animal products (e.g., meat, poultry, seafood, dairy products, eggs, gelatin, leather, fur, etc).  A growing number of caring, compassionate people are adopting this conscientious lifestyle.  Primarily ethical reasons, but also health and envrionmental concerns, motivate them to GO VEGAN.  For information:  VEGANET, P.O. Box 3545, Washington, DC  20007-0045.  Phone:  (877) GO-VEGAN.

Vinegar Day (November 1)
A day set aside to celebrate the virtues of vinegar.  All over the world people will conduct vinegar tasting contests and host events connected with vinegar.  For information:  Lawrence Diggs, Vinegar Connoisseurs Int'l, P.O. Box 41, Roslyn, SD  57261.  Phone:  (605) 486-4536.  Email:  Web:

World Communication Week (November 1-7)
To stress the importance of communication among the more than five billion human beings in the world who speak more than 3,000 languages and to promote communication by means of the international language, Esperanto.  For complete information, send $4 to cover expense of printing, handling, and postage.  Annually, the first seven days of November.  For information:  Dr. Stanley Drake, President, International Society of Friendship and Goodwill, 8592 Roswell Road, Suite 434, Atlanta, GA  30350-1870.

Plan Your Epitaph Day (November 2)
Dedicated to the proposition that a forgettable gravestone is a fate worse than death, and that everyone can be in the same league with William Shakespeare and W.C. Fields.  Annually, coincides with the Day of the Dead.  For information:  Lance Hardie, Dead or Alive, P.O. Box 4595, Arcata, CA  95518.  Phone:  (707) 822-6924.  Email:  Web:

Sadie Hawkins Day (November 2)
Widely observed in the US, usually on the first Saturday in November.  Tradition established in "Li'l Abner" comic strip in the 1930s by cartoonist Al Capp.  A popular occasion when women and girls are encouraged to take the initiative in inviting the man or boy of their choice for a date.  A similar tradition is associated with February 29 in leap years.

Cliche' Day (November 3)
Use cliches as much as possible today.  Hey, why not?  Give it a shot!  Win some, lose some.  You'll never know 'til you try it.  Annually, November 3.  For information:  Thomas and Ruth Roy, 2418 Long Lane, Lebanon, PA  17046-1708.  Phone:  (717) 279-0184.  Email:  Web:

Sandwich Day:  Birth Anniversary of John Montague (November 3, 1718)
A day to recognize the inventor of the sandwich, John Montague, Fourth Earl of Sandwich, born at London, England.  England's first lord of the admiralty, secretary of state for the northern department, postmaster general and the man after whom Captain Cook named the Sandwich Island in 1778.  A rake and a gambler, he is said to have invented the sandwich as a time-saving nourishment while engaged in a 24-hour long gambling session in 1762.  He died at London, England on April 30, 1792.

Kids' Goal Setting Week (November 4-8)
Encourage parents to foster goal-setting habits in their children's lives so that their children can make their dreams come true.  For information:  Gary Ryan Blair, The GoalsGuy, 36181 East Lake Road, Suite 139, Palm Harbor, FL  34685.  Phone:  (877) GOALSGUY.  Fax:  (800) 731-GOAL.  Email:  Web:

National Chicken Lady Day (November 4)
Miami Shores, FL.  The Chicken Lady has helped thousands to learn the art of public speaking.  Each year as a thank you, people come out and have a celebration to show their appreciation for what she has done to help them.  Thirty of them, thanks to the Chicken Lady, have published their own books.  For information:  Marthenia Dupree, 9723 NE 2nd Avenue, Miami Shores, FL  33138.  Phone:  (305) 759-7655.  Fax:  (305) 759-7656.  Email:  Web:

Perigean Spring Tides (November 4)
Spring tides, the highest possible tides, which occur when New Moon or Full Moon takes places within 24 hours of the moment the Moon is nearest Earth (perigee) in its monthly orbit at 4 PM, EST.  These tides are not named for the season of spring but for the German springen, "to leap up."

Dear Santa Letter Week (November 5-9)
Consumer advocate Bob O'Brien answers "Dear Santa" letters for the holiday season.  For information:  Bob O'Brien, Consumer Advocate, P.O. Box 2356, Secaucus, NJ  07096.  Phon  (201) 860-1595.  Fax:  (201) 865-4775.  Email:  Web:

General Election Day (November 5)
Annually, the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.  Many state and local government elections are held on this day, as well as presidential and congressional elections in the appropriate years.  All US Congressional seats and one-third of US Senatorial seats are up for election in even-numbered years that can be divided equally by four.  This day is a state holiday in 12 states.

National Young Reader's Day (November 6)
Pizza Hut and the Center for the Book in the Library of Congress established National Young Reader's Day to remind Americans of the joys and importance of reading for young people.  School, libraries, families, and communities nationwide use this day to celebrate youth reading in a variety of creative and educational ways.  Ideas on ways you can celebrate this special day available.  For information:  Shelley Morehead, The BOOk IT! Program, P.O. Box 2999, Wichita, KS  67201.  Phone:  (800) 426-6548.  Fax:  (316) 685-0977.  Email:

National Men Make Dinner Day (November 7)
One day set aside for "Non-Cooking Men Only" in the kitchen.  Give wives a break and let the men whip up some culinary delight with no help from family members.  In the true spirit of Men Make Dinner Day, barbeques are not allowed!  For information:  Sandy Sharkey, KOOL FM Radio, 87 George Street, Ottawa, ON, Canada K1N 9H7.  Phone:  (613) 738-2372.  Fax:  (613) 739-4040.  Email:  Web:

Notary Public Day (November 7)
Notary Public Week (November 3-7)

To recognize signficant contributions made by notaries to commerce, government, and the public.  For information:  Joanna Lilly, Executive Director, American Society of Notaries, P.O. Box 5707, Tallahassee, FL  32314-5707.  Phone:  (800) 522-3392 or (850) 671-5164.   Fax:  (850) 671-5165.  Email:  Web:

Abet and Aid Punsters Day (November 8)
Laugh instead of groan at incredibly dreadful puns.  All-time greatest triple pun:  "Though he's not very humble, there's no police like Holmes," from the register of worst puns of Punsters Unlimited.  (Originated by Earl Harris, retired, and the late William Rabe.)

Cook Something Bold and Pungent Day (November 8)
Especially for those of us who have tightly closed up the house against chill weather for the next six months.  Now is the time to create the heavenly, homey odor of pungently bold cooking.  Don't forget the sauerkraut and garlic!  Sponsored by Wellcat Holidays.  For information:  Thomas or Ruth Roy, 2418 Long Lane, Lebanon, PA  17046.  Phone:  (717) 279-0184.  Email:  Web:

Great American Warm-Up (November 8-10)
Just as the weather outside begins to change, this weekend is set aside to clean out those closets and take your warm, wearable coats, jackets, scarves, hats and mittens that you no longer use and donate them to a homeless shelter or agency for distribution.  Do it now, before it gets even colder outside.  Annually, the second full weekend in November.  For information:  Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith, 1437 West Rosemont, #1W, Chicago, IL  60660-1319.  Phone:  (773) 743-5341.  Fax:  (773) 743-5395.  Email:  adrienne@21st

National Ample Time Day (November 8)
One day set aside each year to recognize the importance of time management, making Ample Time in one's life for priorities to make the most of each day and live a completely fulfulling life.  Annually, November 8.  For information:  Lorie Hicks, Corporate Challenges Consulting, 5222 East 78th Place, Tulsa, OK  74136.  Phone:  (918) 664-7773.

National Parents As Teachers Day (November 8)
To pay tribute to the over 2,600 Parents as Teachers programs located in 50 states and 5 countries.  These programs give all parents, regardless of social or economic circumstance, the support and guidance necessary to be their children's best first teacher in the critical early years.  National PAT Day is celebrated on November 8, the birthday of Mildred Winter, PAT Founding Director.  For information:  Parents as Teachers National Center, 10176 Corporate Square Drive, Suite 230, St. Louis, MO  63132.  Phone:  (314) 432-4330.  Fax:  (314) 432-8963.  Email:  Web:

Pursuit of Happiness Week (November 8-14)
The purpose of this week is to remind everyone, as stated in the Declaration of Independence, that all men and women are "endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among them are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."  For complete information and quotations about happiness by famous people, send $4 to cover the expense of printing, handing, and postage.  For information:  Dr. Stanley Drake, President, Internationl Society of Friendship and Goodwill, 8592 Roswell Road, Suite 434, Atlanta, GA  30350-1870.

Berlin Wall Opened:  Anniversary (November 9, 1989)
After 28 years as a symbol of the Cold War, the Berlin Wall was opened on this evening, and citizens of both sides walked freely through the barrier as others danced atop the structure to celebrate the end of an historic era.  Coming amidst the celebration of East Germany's 40-year anniversary, pro-democracy demonstrations led to the resignations of Erich Honecker, East Germany's head of state and party chief.  It was Honecker who had supervised the construction of the 27.9 mile wall across the city during the night of August 13, 1961, because US President John Kennedy had ordered a troop build-up in response to the blockade of West Berlin by the Soviets.

National Child Safety Council:  Founding Anniversary (November 9, 1955)
National Child Safety Council (NCSC) at Jackson, MI.  NCSC is the oldest and largest non-profit organization in the US dedicated solely to child safety.  Distributes comprehensive safety education materials to children through local law enforcement.  For information:  Barbara Handley Huggett, Director, R & D, NCSC, Box 1368, Jackson, MI  49204-1368.  Phone:  (517) 764-6070

Badlands National Park Established:  Anniversary (November 10, 1978)
South Dakota's Badlands National Monument, authorized March 4, 1929, was established as a national park and preserve.

National Hug A Veteran Week (November 10-16)
A week for giving heartfelt hugs and thanks to veterans who kept our country safe while serving in the military.  For information:  Hug Occasion Greeting Cards, 30799 Pinetree Road, #238, Cleveland, OH  44124.  Phone:  (216) 831-3425.  Fax:  (216) 831-2114.

Perioperative (OR) Room Nurse Week (November 10-16)
To inform health care consumers that the nurse in the operating room cares for patients before, during, and after surgery.  Annually, the week including November 14.  For information:  Public Relations Manager, AORN, 2170 South Park Road, Suite #300, Denver, CO  80231-5711.  Phone (303) 755-6300.  Fax:  (303) 338-4838.  Email:  Web:

Death/Duty Day (November 11)
Honoring soldiers on both sides who died on November 11, 1918, the armistice or Waffenstillstand day that ended the fighting in the First World War or 1914-1918.  The order was to stop fighting at 11 AM, rather than on receipt of the order.  For information: Bob Birch, Punscorpion, The Puns Corps, P.O. Box 2364, Falls Church, VA  22042-0364.  Phone:  (703) 533-3668.

Veteran's Day (November 11)
Veteran's Day was observed on November 11 from 1919 through 1970.  Public law 90-363, the "Monday Holiday Law," provided that, beginning in 1971, Veteran's Day would be observed on "the fourth Monday in October."  This movable observance date, which separated Veteran's Day Day from the November 11 anniversary of World War I Armistice, proved unpopular.  State after state moved its observance back to the traditional November 11 date, and finally Public Law 94-97 of September 18, 1975, required that, effective January 1, 1978, the observance of Veteran's Day revert to November 11.  As Armistice Day this is a holiday in Belguim, France and other European countries.  "At the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month" fighting ceased in World War I.

Vox Populi Day (November 11)
Vox Populi is the Latin tern for "People's Voice."  Today is the day to make your voice count.  Speak up and out for social change on impending cultural issues in international, national, regional and local news via the mediums of print, radio, TV, the internet, and open assemblies.

Arches National Park Established:  Anniversary (November 12, 1971)
Area of natural wind-eroded formations in eastern Utah, originally proclaimed a national monument April 12, 1929, was established as a national park.  For further park information:  Arches National Park, P.O. Box 907, Moab, UT  84532.

Chicken Soup For The Soul Day (November 12)
"Changing The World One Story At A Time" is the mantra of Chicken Soup for the Soul creators Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen.  When publishers repeatedly turned down their first book, Jack and Mark vowed they wouldn't give up, and if they ever got a chance to publich it, they would find ways to "give back."  Today, over $6.5 million has been given away in charitable donations from book proceeds.  Chicken Soup for the Soul Day is a celebration of who you are, where you've been, where you're going, and who you will be thankful to when you get there!  Send in your true stories of inspiration, laughter, or comfort!  For information:  Chicken Soup for the Soul Enterprises, Inc., P.O. Box 30880, Santa Barbara, CA  93130.  Phone:  (805) 563-2935.  Fax:  (805) 563-2945.  Email:  Web:

World Kindness Day (November 13)
The Kindness Movement has gone global!  The World Kindness Movement grew out of a series of Kindness Conferences convened by the Japanese Small Kindness Movement in 1996.  The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, USA has been a part of these conferences along with representatives from Japan, Singapore, Australia, Canada, Thailand, and England.  This day represents the pledge of each of these countries to join together to build a kinder and more compassionate world.  For information:  Random Acts of Kindness Foundation.  Phone:  (800) 660-2811.  Web: 

Hello World Day (November 21, 1973)
Greet ten people on this day for peace. So far over 180 countries have participated in this simple day. The holiday was started as a response to the fighting between Egypt and Israel. If we get to know each other, perhaps we will refrain from killing each other.  To read letters from people all over the world, read the Hello World Letters

Black Friday (The day after Thanksgiving)
This is a make it or break if time of year for retailers, and the busiest time of year for shopping.

National Day of Listening (November 27)
Sponsored by the Story Corps, the National Day of Listening is a day to set aside some time to listen to and document the life stories of those close to you. .  Check out their site for information on how to start StoryCorps National Day of Listening

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