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Sesame Street Turns 35!
November 10

By Sarah Lane
Nov 10, 2004, 13:33 PST


Sesame Street is 35!

The very first broadcast of Sesame Street, the children's educational show, was on November 10th, 1969. Jim Henson’s fun-loving muppets helped to teach young children about numbers, letters, and social values. The fact that the show strove to encompass a cross-section of our nation’s population using family events, music, food, and dress to teach kids about the world around them, made it especially unique. Over 136 million children from over 130 countries have benefited from the shows’ success. It will no doubt be a special way for new parents to bond with their children, for how many shows are still on the air from their childhood? Happy 35th Birthday Sesame Street and many more!

History of Education
This excerpt from ‘Selected Moments of the 20th Century’ gives the history of the very first broadcast of Sesame Street in 1969. Find out about the Children’s Television Workshop and how Jim Henson’s muppet characters were a key element in the success of this beloved series.
Source:       The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education; University of                   Toronto

Sesame Workshop
Take an online adventure, get instant advice, activities, ideas, or visit the home of Classic Sesame Street. Explore China, fly with dragons, and meet Tingo, the new international muppet who makes learning English fun. There’s so much to do!
Source:       Children’s Television Workshop

PBS Kids
Get the number of the day, letter of the day, play word games or find cool coloring pages to print out. Take a ‘Journey to Ernie’ or learn the spanish word of the day.
Source:       Sesame Workshop

Sesame Street Live
Check out tour dates for your chance to join the singing, dancing, and learning made fun with the Sesame Street gang. View story lines, meet the characters, and find out what’s playing now!
Source:       Sesame Street; VEE Entertainment Corporation

Sesame Place Adventure Park
If you live on the East Coast you’ll have an easier time reaching this park. Located 90 minutes from New York and 30 minutes from Philadelphia, Sesame Place is open May 11 through October 20. Check here for park information, programs, special events, and suggestions for your next family vacation.
Source:       Anheuser-Busch Adventure Parks (ABAP)

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