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National American Indian Heritage Month
By Sarah Lane
Nov 1, 2004, 05:38 PST

November is Native American Heritage Month

As proclaimed by President George W. Bush on November 1, 2002, this month is National American Indian Heritage Month. Activities and programs all month long will highlight the roles of American Indians and Alaska Natives and their part in our nation's history. With the construction of the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of the American Indian, comes the chance to educate all Americans about their culture. This month serves as a much needed reminder to recognize the efforts, and most importantly the struggles, of Native Americans to find comfort in a society whose beliefs severely contrast their own.

Regardless of the how and why, it still stands that people like Sakajawea and her contribution to the 'Voyage of Discovery' led by Lewis and Clark, and the Navajo Code talkers who helped our nation and the allies secure a victory in World War II, were remarkable in their efforts. Our government is working to maintain the legacy of American Indians and Alaskan Natives by preserving irreplaceable languages, cultural traditions, and continuing to honor tribal sovereignty. During the month of November, there will be several programs celebrating the Native American culture. Join in and learn something new about an antiquated society.

Source:       The White House Online

Learning Links for Native American Heritage Month

Presidential Proclamation
Read this proclamation from President George W. Bush concerning the celebration and history behind Native American Heritage Month.
Source:       The White House Online

National American Indian and Alaska Native
This is the Indian Health Service and Partners-In-Celebration Year 2002 website for National American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month. You'll find the official Calendar of Events here.
Source:       Department of Health and Human Services

Native American History and Culture
At this website you'll find Native American Resources, Selected Exhibitions, and Recommended Reading Lists. There are biographies, music samples, art exhibits and more.
Source:       Encyclopedia Smithsonian, Smithsonian Institution

American Indian Heritage Month
Browse articles from the American Forces Information Service and connect to various military sites. Find out who the recipients of the American Indian Medal of Honor are or the role that American Indians play in the U.S. military.
Source:       U.S. Department of Defense

A Critical Bibliography of North American Indians, For K-12
Explore general topics or focus on specific regions of the North American Indian culture. This literature list will help to develop complete lesson plans.
Source:       Anthropology Outreach Office, Smithsonian Institution

American Indian Heritage
View a calendar of events or explore topics such as books and recordings, exhibitions, film and video, research and collections, and lots more. Help foster, protect, and promote understanding of Native American cultures and indigenous peoples across the western hemisphere.
Source:       National Museum of the American Indian, Smithsonian

Native American Images
Explore this webzine devoted to images of Native American people, places, and land. Be sure to click on Photo Essays to visit Haunted Mesa, tribal dances, and pow-wows.
Source:       Native American Images & Fox River Trading Company

Native American Authors
This library of mainly contemporary Native American authors gives you a bibliography of published works, biographical information, and links to resources such as interviews, online texts, and tribal websites. Browse by author, title, or tribe.
Source:       The Internet Public Library

Native Web News Digest
Aside from news, announcements, books, and music, this site has a complete resource center with over 4,000 listings available. Choose from topics such as children, education, health, language, legal issues, photography, tribal websites, or library collections. There are over 40 channels.
Source:       Native Web

WWW Virtual Library - American Indians
With this Index of Native American Resources on the Internet you' find art, culture, history, language, and an archive of books. Research governments, organizations, archaeology, galleries, or electronic texts.
Source:       Karen M. Strom

Native American Technology and Art
Nativetech is dedicated to disconnecting the term primitive from perceptions of Native American technology and art. Technologies herein are the product of thousands of years of expertise, oral traditions, and continuity. Access special features, resources, and original articles.
Source:       Nativetech, Tara Prindle

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