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Joyce Fans Celebrate 100th Bloomsday - June 16th
By VOA News
May 16, 2005, 05:21 PST

Joyce Fans Celebrate 100th Bloomsday
VOA News
16 Jun 2004, 14:39 UTC

  From Germany to South Korea, people in countries around the world have begun celebrations marking the 100th anniversary of "Bloomsday," the day James Joyce's epic novel Ulysses takes place.

The entire novel occurs on June 16, 1904, and consists of one day in the life of its fictional hero, Leopold Bloom.

Nowhere are the celebrations more enthusiastic than in Dublin, Ireland, the city where, according to the novel, Bloom spends his entire day. Thousands participated in Dublin's events, which included eating the same breakfast of "pork kidney fried in butter sauce" that Bloom ate to begin his day. They wore 1904 Edwardian costumes, and biked along the route Bloom walks in the novel.

While unpopular when first published, many scholars today consider Ulysses one of the 20th century's greatest English language literary works.

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A celebration of James Joyce: Bloomsday
Learn about Dubliners facination with Joyce in this interesting article on Joyce and the celebration of his work.
Source: an Scathan Internet Edition

The Brazen Head
"At the Brazen Head, you will find a ball of electronic twine to aid you in your travels through the labyrinth of Dedalus. Here you will find information and resources on Joyce and his works, links to other Joyce sites across the Web, and miscellaneous Joycean tidbits."
Source: The Brazen Head

Celebrating the 'Bloomsday' Centennial
" Dublin, says writer Nuala O'Faolin, may be the only city in the world that has both a patron saint and a patron book. The saint, of course, is Patrick, who famously rid the island nation of snakes and converted pagans to Christianity. The book: James Joyce's Ulysses."
Source: NPR

Explore more about Bloomsday with the help of Google.

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