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Holiday Shopping - Lord of the Rings Specialty Stores
By ClassBrain Staff
Nov 11, 2004, 06:17 PST

Click here to buy Lord of the Rings posters!
Click here to buy Lord of the Rings posters!

Lord of the Rings Specialty Stores

ClassBrain has gathered together some of the coolest gift stores for Lord of the Rings paraphernalia and put them all in one place. Get that gift for the unique person on your list right here!

Return of the King Poster Store
Pick up your favorite Return of the King poster today! We have tons to choose from!

Lord of the Rings Game Store
ClassBrain has assembled the best Lord of the Rings games and puzzles to be found. If you’re looking for a present for a Lord of the Rings fan, this is the place to start.

Lord of the Rings Specialty Poster Store
If you’re looking for unique, beautifully designed posters then you’ve found them. These are not the run of the mill posters that you’ll find at your local store. Some of these are exclusive designs!

Lord of the Rings Stamp Shop
Are you a stamp collector and a Lord of the Rings fan? Then we have the perfect items for you to put on this year’s wish list.

Lord of the Rings Action Figure Shop
If you’re a fan of the collectible figures then you’re going to love these gorgeous creations.

Lord of the Rings Tapestry & Wall Hangings Shop
Bring the excitement of the epic film trilogy into your home with these Lord of the Rings tapestries and wall hangings. This is the ultimate in-home decor for Lord of the Rings enthusiasts.

Lord of the Rings Costume Shop
Stage your own scenes from Lord of the Rings with these great costumes from New Line Cinema (they’re perfect for Halloween too!).

Lord of the Rings Guide Books
Looking for a guide to the Lord of the Rings? We have guides to the movie, the locations, the weapons, and the stories.

Lord of the Rings Video & DVD Store
The Lord of the Rings was one of the most ambitious and successfully created film projects of all time. Get your copies today and watch one of the greatest epic tales at your leisure.

Lord of the Rings Goodies for Your Computer
Be inspired by the epic as you work or play on your computer with these great games, or with a new Lord of the Rings themed mouse for your system.

Lord of the Rings Poster Store - The Fellowship of the Ring
Find your favorite Lord of the Rings posters at ClassBrain’s Tolkien Poster Store.

Lord of the Rings Key Chains
Need something cool to hold your keys? Try out one of these Lord of the Rings key chain sets.

Lord of the Rings Puzzle Store
We have some of the most amazing Lord of the Rings puzzles that you’re likely to find. In addition to the normal 2 dimensional puzzles, we have some awesome 3D puzzles.

Lord of the Rings Jewelry Shop
Buy someone you love a piece of jewelry from the Lord of the Rings, or put it on your own wish list this year.

Lord of the Rings Gift Shop
This is the perfect place to look for a present for fans of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. We have some of the most incredible items you’ll find anywhere!

The Two Towers Poster Store
We’ve created a special store just for The Two Towers because there are all sorts of great posters available. Check them out!

Lord of the Rings Clothing Store
Celebrate Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy by wearing one of these great t-shirts or caps from New Line Cinema.

Tolkien Audio & Music Store
Enjoy Tolkien while you drive or relax in the evenings with these collectable audio sets of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Lord of the Rings Bookstore
If you are a Lord of the Rings fan, or you’re interested in why everyone else is so impressed, choose one of these great books and dive into the world of Tolkien.

Isle of Man - The Lord of the Rings Stamp Collection
To coincide with the worldwide release of The Lord of the Rings finale, the Isle of Man issued the ultimate tribute: a spectacular series of official postage stamps.

Click here to buy Lord of the Rings posters!
Click here to buy Lord of the Rings posters!

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