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Albert Einstein's Birthday
March 14

By Sarah Lane
Jan 21, 2008, 17:08 PST

The name Albert Einstein will forever be synonymous with the word genius. Born on March 14th, 1879 in Ulm, Germany, Einstein was educated, had graduated, but was mostly self-taught. He married his sweetheart Mileua Maric and together they had two sons. They divorced in 1919 and he married his second cousin, Elsa Lowenthal that same year.

Albert Einstein was a physicist. His most profounding proposal came in 1905 with his theory of relativity. He suggested that both time and space vary with circumstances instead of being absolute concepts. In 1915 he perfected the theory with his equation E=mc2;. People continued to be skeptical, however, until November of 1919 when the Royal Society of London announced that an experiment that was conducted confirmed Einstein’s predictions.

He continued to travel and give lectures all over Europe until he finally immigrated to America. He was offered a full time position at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey. He continued to be largely involved in political activism until his death on April 18th, 1955 at age 76. He will be remembered for his intelligence and for never hesitating to speak his mind.


Additional Learning Links for Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein Online
This is a complete and in-depth overview of the life and work of Einstein. You will find Einstein Moments, Physics, In His Own Words, The Quotable Einstein, pictures, related pages, and announcements.
Source: S. Morgan Friedman
Reading Level: Hard

Person of the Century
Albert Einstein was voted Time Magazine’s Person of the Century. Check out this three-page article about the man and his work. Also be sure to click on the related articles from the sidebar for more information.
Source: Time, Inc.
Reading Level: Hard

Einstein - Image and Impact
Tour Einstein’s life by clicking on the images. Learn about the Formative Years, The Great Works, Theory of Relativity, World Fame, Public Concerns, Quantum & Cosmos, Nuclear Age, and Science & Philosophy. Also read through his essay, “The World As I See It.”
Source: American Institute of Physics
Reading Level: Moderate

NOVA Online
This comprehensive site has a timeline of Einstein events, personal and professional. The Light Stuff explains how the speed of light can change here on earth. Genius Among Geniuses explains what makes Einstein stand out, and Time Traveler is a game where you put his theories into action. There are links and a teacher’s guide for extra help.
Source: WGBH
Reading Level: Hard

Especially for Kids

Einstein for Kids
In this special exhibition for kids, you can take an interactive look at Einstein’s correspondence with children or view the Curiosity File. Learn why somebody requested his right shoe or see pictures as well as letters addressed to him.
Reading Level: Easy

Neuroscience for Kids
Find out ‘What Became of Einstein’s Brain’. Read about the man, the search for his brain, The Paper about scientific studies done on his brain, the data collected, how it compares to other brains, and the conclusion.
Source: University of Washington
Reading Level: Moderate

Suggested Reading On Albert Einstein

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