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Women's History Month

Profiles of Great Women: Part 5
By Sarah Lane
Jan 21, 2008, 14:00 PST

Profiles of Great Women

Profiles of Great Women - Part 5


Abigail Adams - American 1st Lady

Born in Weymouth, Massachusetts in 1744, Abigail Smith Adams was a minister's daughter.  She was self-taught and she home-schooled the five children she had with her husband, John Adams.  She married him in 1764 and the marriage continued to be strong for 54 years.  Although she might have secretly resented the expense of entertaining and lack of privacy her husband's position caused her family, she always did her best to provide him with support. 


Abigail Adams wrote many letters to people during her life and formed a unique friendship with Mrs. Washington.  Her son, John Quincy Adams, later became our 6th president.  Finally, in 1801, she and her husband retired to Quincy, Massachusetts and enjoyed a private life for 17 years.  She died in 1818 and was buried next to John.  She will always be remembered as a patriot, First Lady, wife of one President, and mother of another.

Source:, White


Additional Learning Links for Abigail Adams


The White House

Read the complete biography of this patriotic First Lady as well as the many strong women to follow in her footsteps.  Access information on the Presidents as well.

Source:              White

Reading Level:   Moderate


The American Presidency

From the American Presidency comes this biography of Abigail Adams as well as more information on former first ladies.  Also check out the Encyclopedia America for a set of articles designed for grades 6 through adult.

Source:              Grolier Incorporated

Reading Level:   Easy


The Abigail Adams Historical Society

Dedicated to the preservation of the birthplace of Abigail Smith Adams in Weymouth, Massachusetts, this organization lets you check out historical facts.  Also be sure to view Abigail's Almanac with featured program listings and newly released books concerning this First Lady.

Source:              Abigail Adams Historical Society, Inc.

Reading Level:   Hard

John and Abigail Adams: Love and Liberty John and Abigail Adams: Love and Liberty

From the first stirrings of independence to the presidency, BIOGRAPHY examines the relationship of the revolutionary couple.

History Of The Wife History Of The Wife

Cokie Roberts hosts this fascinating program that is based on Marilyn Yalom's provocative book.

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