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Women's History Month

March - An Overview of Women's History Month
By Sarah Lane
Jan 21, 2008, 10:10 PST

Overview of Women’s History Month

Overview of Women’s History Month


It’s hard to believe that only 83 years ago, women finally got the right to vote.  This by no means settled the many disputes that would forever be associated with the Women’s Movement.  It would take years of endless struggling for women to achieve what the Constitution stated was a God given right, equality. 


National Women’s History Month began like most national celebrations, as a single week celebration and local event.  In 1978, Sonoma County, California sponsored Women’s History Week to promote the teaching of women’s history.  Soon the week of March 8th included International Women’s Day.  The idea caught on around the nation but it wasn’t until 1981 that Congress finally passed a resolution making the week a national celebration.  Six years later in 1987, the celebration of Women’s History Month was expanded to include the full month of March. 


What does this mean to you?  This is a time period where achievements of great women and the struggles of the average woman are highlighted and celebrated.  It’s a time to take stock of the world around you and to notice how much has changed in this nation in just 100 years.  It’s a time to recognize the people who made these changes possible. 


The United States has boasted equal opportunity for men and women as well as freedom.  Sometimes though, people must go beyond the obvious statements to acquire what’s rightfully theirs.  As you will learn, there have been numerous advancements made by way of creating equality among women and men.  You will also learn that the struggle to keep these ideas and decisions intact is a full time job and will continue to be pursued by those who believe in ‘one nation, with liberty and justice for all.’


In this special section devoted entirely to Women’s History Month, you will learn through a Timeline of Achievements, Profiles of Great Women, and Links to Learning that women everywhere have made, and continue to make, outstanding contributions to society and the world around us. Take our quiz to see how much you’ve learned or test your knowledge with the Women’s History Word Search or Word Jumble Puzzles.


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