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Andrew Jackson, "Old Hickory"
March 15

By Sarah Lane
Jan 21, 2008, 11:08 PST

Andrew “Old Hickory” Jackson

Andrew Jackson

“Old Hickory”



Born on March 15th, 1767, Andrew Jackson was nicknamed “Old Hickory.”  This seems to have evolved from his previous nickname, “Old Hero.”  As our seventh president, he served two consecutive terms from 1829 to 1837.  He was mostly self-taught and eventually became a lawyer.  Even though his campaign theme portrayed him to be a representative of the common man, this wasn’t always apparent in his actions.  There were some complications that haven’t been cleared up to this day, especially about his Indian removal system.


During his time in office there was a split.  The old Republican Party separated into the Democrats and the National Republics, or Whigs.  Jackson was a Democrat by far.  He was a strong man who used his party leadership and the power of the veto to show off that strength.  He was the first president to ride on a railway train.  He was also the first president born in a log cabin, nominated by a political party, and the first to survive an attempted assassination.  He was married to Rachel Donelson Robards and even fought a duel in her honor.  His tough exterior mirrored an even tougher interior and he was a very demanding leader.

Source:     The White House & C-SPAN


Additional Learning Link for Andrew Jackson


Andrew Jackson from the White House

Here you can find information on all of the Presidents, Vice Presidents, and First Ladies.  Read a detailed biography, about the government, news, and new policies.


Reading Level:   Moderate


The Hermitage - The Home of Andrew Jackson

This historical landmark, or rather cotton plantation and mansion, are where Jackson, his family, friends, and those he worked with spent a lot of time.  This year on March 15th, the first Hermitage restoration will occur.  Tours will continue of the site and should you visit, a complete staff in colonial regalia will greet you.

Source:              Ladies Hermitage Association

Reading Level:   Easy


American Presidents: Life Portraits

These life portraits have a quick facts list with personal and public service information on a particular President.  There is public service information complete with footnotes and resources.  There is a portrait gallery, list of presidential places, ‘Did You Know’ (with interesting trivia), and a detailed program schedule related to the chosen president.

Source:              C-SPAN, National Cable Satellite Corporation

Reading Level:   Hard


USA Index on Andrew Jackson

Here you can locate over 20 chapters of the life and times of Andrew Jackson, as well as transcripts of his speeches.

Source:              The American Revolution Project

Reading Level:   Hard

Suggested Reading on Andrew Jackson

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