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Earth Hour
By World Wildlife Fund, Goddard Schools
Mar 5, 2010, 18:21 PST

On Saturday, March 27, 2010 at 8:30 p.m., during Earth Hour (sponsored by the World Wildlife Fund), hundred of millions of people around the world will turn off their lights for one hour in a vote for action on the climate crisis.

The Goddard Schools have created the following projects for kids to explore Earth Hour (and Earth Day in April).

  1. Create the Earth. Eco-friendly coffee filters make great miniature earths. In two separate cups, use food coloring to make blue and green colored water. Then allow the children to use eyedroppers to drop the colors on their Earth (coffee filter). When the colored water is dropped on the filter it spreads a bit and the children can create land and water shapes on their “little earths.”

  2. Lights Out, Flashlights On. Play “I Spy” in the dark. Have the children use flashlights to locate objects they can use to become more “green,” such as a light switch or recycle bins.

  3. Go for a Nature Walk. Place tape, sticky side out, on the children’s wrists and take them outside to collect things in nature. You could also decorate a sack and go around the neighborhood picking up litter.

  4. Dress It Up! Hold a fashion show using old newspapers as the runway. Create vests by using grocery sacks decorated with recycled supplies such as used yogurt cups, etc. Glue recycled materials to the vests and decorate with paint. Then let your kids show off the “beauty of recyclables” while learning what items can be recycled.

  5. Make Rainsticks. Recycle old paper towel rolls by making rainsticks. Have the children close the bottom of the stick with paper and tape. Then fill with beans or rice. You can also crumple up some aluminum foil to make a louder sound. Let the children decorate the rainsticks with construction paper. Use this activity to talk about the importance of clean water and water conservation.

Recently named #1 Childcare Franchise in the United States, by Entrepreneur magazine, for the eighth consecutive year (January 2009) The Goddard School®is the acknowledged leader in franchised childcare and a premier childcare provider in the United States.

The following material was created by the World Wildlife Fund and Gentle Giraffe Press.
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