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The Easter Egg Hunt - Software Not Chocolate
By Cynthia Kirkeby
Mar 2, 2010, 21:35 PST

The Easter Egg Archive

This is not your typical Easter Egg Hunt we're talking about here....

If you have never looked for easter eggs in your software, movies, TV, music, or even books you should take a look at this site. It shows you where all of these little gems reside. By clicking here or there on your DVD, CD, or software application you'll find games, hidden messages, hidden videos, and all sorts of other cool little features.

According to David and Annette Wolf, the husband and wife team that runs the Easter Egg Archive, "a true Easter Egg must satisfy the following criteria:
  • 1. Undocumented, Hidden, and Non-Obvious
    An Easter Egg can't be a legitimate feature of a product, or be an obvious part of a storyline. Easter Eggs will usually stand out either because they totally don't fit with their context (like a pinball game in a word processor), or because they have a deeper hidden personal meaning to the creators, so they threw it in for entertainment.

  • 2. Reproducible
    Every user with the same product or combination of products must be able to produce the same result given the instructions. If others can't reproduce an Egg, then it doesn't belong in this archive.

  • 3. Put There by the Creators for Personal Reasons
    The Egg must have been put there on purpose, and furthermore have a personal significance to the creators beyond just making a better product (movie, TV show, software program, etc).

  • 4. Not Malicious
    Easter Eggs are there for fun, not to do damage.

    The most important element... if it's not there for entertainment, it's not an Egg. "

    Visit their site and take a look around. This link is to their FAQS page, because it will answer a number of questions that you may have. To go to the individual section just click on the media that interests you in the upper left corner and search by title, author, etc. Most of all have fun...these are absolutely addictive little tidbits.

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