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Last Updated: Sep 19th, 2011 - 16:50:50 
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Gift Giving  

Great Christmas Gifts
By Cynthia Kirkeby
Sep 3, 2011, 22:40 PST

Holiday Costumes make Christmas fun!

Find the best Christmas presents for your friends and family right here on ClassBrain! We have assembled some of the most incredible specialty shops on ClassBrain for all of your holiday needs. By purchasing your gifts through our site, you help us raise the necessary funds to add more materials during the coming year.

Please tell all of your friends and family to do some of their shopping here. It doesn't cost them anything extra, and in some cases we've found some great deals! We have found unique gifts that you may not be able to find in stores near you, and many of the stores highlighted on our site, are stores that we've placed orders through for ourselves over the past few years.

For each of you that places an order here on ClassBrain, we want to extend our sincere thanks. Please spread the word about our resources and our shops. Without you, ClassBrain doesn't exist.

Here is a quick guide to finding some of the specialty gift shops that we've created on ClassBrain.

Check out the special offerings right here in the Christmas section of the Monthly Grab Bag! We have located some special Christmas items such as Department 56 Snow Village accessories, special sports ornaments, holiday sheet music collections, and Christmas pagent costumes, just to name a few.

Also make sure that you take few minutes to download some of our free Christmas coloring pages that we created for you and your kids. Or if you need a few minutes to de-stress, pop into one of our free games, such as Santa Balls, and have some fun. We also have free copies of Dicken's "A Christmas Carol." for you to download and read, special poems, information on Christmas traditions, and so much more! Poke around this section a little, we have all sorts of cool things for you and your family to enjoy during the holidays!

In our Parent - Teacher section under Family Life you'll find a section called Craft & Gift Ideas which has some wonderful gift ideas such as little red wagons, unusual puzzles, gifts for bicycle enthusiasts, and more.

In our Movies in the Classroom section you'll find some very unique specialty stores including:
Harry Potter Specialty Stores
Lord of the Rings Specialty Stores
Movie Posters
Movie Specialty Shops

In the CB Teens section you'll find all sorts of goodies for your kids in the After Hours section. It's broken down by section, so if you're looking for some great music or music related t-shirts for your teen, you'll find it in the Music section. Similarly, if they're into anime or comics, check out our Comics, Manga, & More section.

Also take a look in our State Report section to find posters, and other items that are perfect for college bound students or proud alumni.

Find more information on Christmas and the holidays with help from Google.

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