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Last Updated: Oct 10th, 2011 - 03:16:19 
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New Halloween Safety Tips
By ATT and ClassBrain Staff
Oct 4, 2011, 03:57 PST

As technology changes, so do our ways of keeping our kids safe. ATT shared a few of their ideas with ClassBrain on safety for Halloween, and we are sharing them with you (with our 2 cents thrown in).

    Image courtesy of Bev Sykes/Flickr - CC 2.0 license
  1. Make sure wireless phones are fully charged.

    This is an easy one to forget, so place the trick or treat bag under the phone where it's charging so they see it when they leave.

  2. Pre-program contact information of parents, neighbors and emergency services into your and your child's speed dial, and be sure you know how to access these numbers with ease.

    Be sure to have your family emergency number programed on their phone under ICE (In Case of Emergency). If something were to happen, this is the number that paramedics and other emergency professionals look for first.

  3. Establish boundaries - Families should have in place a familiarized route for children to follow while out on the town. Mobile navigation tools can assist parents and kids in creating routes and goblins on the go can reference maps throughout the evening. Similarly, AT&T's FamilyMap Viewer allows parents to easily and immediately locate a family member's whereabouts from their mobile phone or PC so they can keep a close watch. Or consider a small tracking device that can easily slip into your child's candy bag like the Garmin GTU 10 and follow them via PC or mobile phone.

    Boundaries are always helpful. Remind kids that things look much different at night. You might want to walk part of the route with younger kids the week before to familiarize them with the boundaries. A small sticker on a stop sign post might also help.

  4. Set up periodic alarms with Halloween-themed tones as a reminder for trick-or-treaters to text or call home between candy collecting stops.

    Although the tracking device seems a little over-kill in some ways, we are all for periodic check ins. Don't forget to let your kids know that if they get scared or too fatigued, that they can always call you for a lift.

  5. Don't miss a thing! Phones also come with photo, video and audio recorders, allowing spur-of-the-moment happenings to be captured and shared among friends and family in real time. AT&T's Video Share allows you to see live video on your handset while a voice call is taking place.

    Trick or treating with your little ones? Don't forget that most of us have cameras in our phones now. Also, if your kids get lost, they can always snap a photo of the street signs to help you find them. Make sure they also have a flashlight with new batteries.

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